My last check-in was on September 17th.

Here are my stats since then:

#heart –       

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#spirit – Image result for clip art treeImage result for clip art tree

(Sidebar: I don’t know if this is my most helpful graphic ever, but it was definitely the most fun to create!)

I’ve been feeling like I am majorly lacking in #body and #soul nourishment lately.  However, this is pretty balanced graphic.  Maybe the lesson is that things aren’t quite as dire as I thought.

All of my recent posts are about recalibrating; I’ve been using that word a lot recently, hopefully correctly.  It’s all about finding a new equilibrium in the sweet new wonderful life o’ mine.




SNAPSHOT #heartbodymindspirit #ohnowhataboutsoul

14054902_1320452064639522_5594757505154295988_nThere is SO MUCH.

There is so much to do, and there are only twenty-four hours in each day!

How do we get it all done?  How do we squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of every day?

Well, it might have helped if I hadn’t laid in bed this morning playing this random new puzzle game on my phone.  That ate up thirty minutes and it wasn’t really on my hypothetical list of things to do.  Okay – Wheel Of Fortune deleted.  Much better!

It’s been difficult to make time for writing recently.  There has to be time for work (ugh), for the house, for Tee, for reading, for family, for friends, and (most importantly) for Teddy.

What happens when I don’t make time for writing every day is that every post turns into a snapshot.

Drumroll, please!

#heart – Last week, Tee’s parents came to visit.  They snuggled with Teddy, made him smile and laugh, and showered him with gifts and love.  ❤

#body – I’ve been sticking to my 5K training plan (see here for more info!) – it’s been almost a month, but I’m still following the plan for Week 2.  My theory is that my body will let me know when it’s time to move forward.  No need to force it.

#mind – I am carefully considering signing up for a writing course at Harford Community College – Advanced Fiction Writing.  I don’t think I have any business calling myself advanced – but I kind of just want to sign up and see what happens!  When the time is right.  I might wait until after our Thanksgiving Vegas adventure.  (More on that to come!)

#spirit – Everything is #spirit lately.  Even the same old things – ’cause we’re doing them with our cuddly teddy bear. ❤  BUT ALSO – we went to visit Fort McHenry this week as a birthday adventure with our future-history-professor nephew.  We listened to a ton of Hamilton and took some awesome photos of the cousins together.   13418772_1037444829636060_4566536701073970264_n

#soul – …………

Oh, no.

My #soul nourishment has been lacking, majorly.

I have not been nourishing my writer’s heart lately, and I haven’t made much time for meditation or reflection.

However, I have plans – to sign up for a writing course (see above), to potentially sign up for a training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and to engage in some self-compassion work a la Kristen Neff and Brene Brown (see more info here!).

There’s more to write – there’s always more.  THERE IS SO MUCH.

More to come.





SNAPSHOT #mind #soul #heart

Life is flying by really quickly.  Here’s a snapshot:

#mind: I’ve been reading lots of good books recently!  One in particular – It’s Easie51ozmssdaql-_sx323_bo1204203200_r Than You Think: The Buddhist Way To Happiness, by Sylvia Boorstein – was absolutely wonderful.  I don’t subscribe to any religion, but I do love reading about Buddhism and Buddhist thought typically resonates with me.

I took copious notes on the eightfold path, the way that supposedly leads to the end of suffering. The path includes:

  • right view –seeing a thing in its true nature, without name or label; knowing what’s really going on inside and outside of ourselves
  • right intention – having the motivation to develop and progress toward awesomeness
  • right livelihood – making your living in a noble, peaceful way
  • right speech – be honest, don’t slander others or cause disharmony, don’t be rude/impolite/abusive, don’t indulge in idle talk
  • right action – “right” = “wise, wholesome, ideal” – act without selfish attachment to your own agenda, act mindfully and compassionately.
  • right effort – prevent unwholesome qualities from arising, extinguish unwholesome qualities that already exist, cultivate new wholesome qualities and strengthen the wholesome qualities you already have
  • right mindfulness – being fully attentive to everything as it is
  • right concentration – complete focus i.e. (I think?) meditation

#soul: I haven’t had a ton of #soul nourishment lately, other than the books I’ve been reading.  (Currently am in the middle of Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste – so good!)  However, I’ve posted recently about my intention to curb my addiction to background noise.  I think this will be TREMENDOUS #soul food for me!

Also, I read a little snippet somewhere recently: Make nice plans for yourself.  I don’t like making my life too overplanned.  But I think that it may help me to limit my TV watching, Facebook stalking, and phone scrolling when I make nice plans with myself for giphy-1nourishing activities rather than just stumbling through my day with tired eyes and a spit-up shirt.

#heart: A college friend of mine got married last weekend at a state park  in Connecticut.  It was gorgeous and lovely, and the wedding was my standard mix of “This is so much fun!” and “I wish I saw all these glorious people every day of my life!”  Teddy was a cuddly darling and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by good friends.

All in all – life is sweet.  Writing helps to make it even sweeter.  Hopefully there will be more to post soon!

balance · snapshots


My last check-in was on April 10th.  That was a really, really long time ago!

Life is insane right now.  I’ll write more about it someday, I’m sure – but for right now, let me take a look.

Here’s a snapshot of my current balance situation:

-There is SO MUCH HAPPENING!  Most of it new and exciting and wonderful.  But when there are changes in life, we have to re-calibrate – we have to figure out our new equilibrium.

-When I am seeking a new balance, I sometimes regress to my default settings.  And some of my defaults are not the best.  Such as keeping a television show on in the background all day long (ugh) and drinking a million diet cokes and coffees (even when the stressor is lack of sleep or anxiety).  These defaults will need to reset, stat, so that I can be at my best and most balanced!

-When I am off-balance, I have go-to methods for correcting it, mostly involving taking a rejuvenation day and getting in some exercise.  Those methods are not going to be as easy to come by now.  It’s a time for change, growth, and novelty.  And I couldn’t be more excited for it all.


balance · snapshots

SNAPSHOT #heartsoulbody

The last time I published a blog post was the first of July.

What?!  That was way too long ago!

There’s been a lot going on, and I’m sure I’ll write about all of it eventually.  But for right now, I’m just enjoying sitting on my couch, sipping coffee, and typing away.

One of the side effects of having such a lull in my writing is that I’ve shared almost all of my share-worthy blog posts.  So I’m going to need to write like craaazy to get myself caught up!  To start myself off, here’s a snapshot:167966-Friday-Night-Funny-Quote

#mind – One of my simplest pleasures in life is editing and re-editing
my list of books I want to read.  Today I’ve been doing that using Goodreads, a site where I keep track of what I’m reading currently (six books total), the books that are on deck (five), the books I’ve read, and the books I want to read.  I recently emerged from a reading rut via a non-fiction book (Big Girls Don’t Cry by Rebecca Traister) as well as the latest Harry Potter installment, and now I am reading like crazy – mostly YA titles that I read out loud to the newest family addition.  🙂

#heart – We’ve had a ton of family and friends visits lately, which has been heart-warming and lovely.  SO MUCH HEART FOOD.  More than I could ever have imagined.

#soulThe-prize-is-in-the-processMy soul food has been a little lacking.  I haven’t meditated since early July.  This needs to be remedied.

#body – Currently I am reading a lovely little book – Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice by Baron Baptiste.  It’s getting me psyched up to do some yoga, which I’ve only practiced intermittently lately.  My most regular #body food lately has been my almost-daily walks with my baby boy.

#spirit – Everything in life is infused with spirit lately!  It’s all new.  It’s all wonderful.  And there’s a baby boy with blue eyes.  Love.