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SNAPSHOT #heartsoulmindbodyspirit


My intention (and my hope) is to write every evening after Teddy goes to sleep.  Which is what I’m doing tonight.

It’s been a while.  Hence, a snapshot:

-I’ve been busily prepping for NaNoWriMo by working on a memoir every chance I get.  The novel I’m going to write during November is fiction, but I worry that I won’t be able to write really authentic fiction until I’ve written my life story.  When I’m writing fiction that has similarities to my real life, I start to get tangled up and confused – which is the truth, and which is the story?  So I’m writing out the facts – just the facts.  #mind #soul

-Lots of #heart food lately – visits with my mom, time with extended family, time with friends, and time with Teddy and Tee.

-Oh, #soul.  I’ve recently realized how powerful anxiety is in my life.  It twists and turns and churns, and it generally takes the form of an obsessive and draining need to seek something that I don’t have and can’t control.  (The adoption.  The perfect job.)  I am praying for the time and space to be able to address my anxiety through meditation, yoga, and radical self-care.

-Tee and I took a rare overnight trip to do some hiking and adventuring with Teddy recently.  It was lovely.  It’s hard to really relax and connect at home – there’s always so much on the farm and around the house that needs to get done.  A getaway was the perfect prescription to fall stress.    #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

-Hillary Rodham Clinton recommended a mystery novel to me, so I read it and so did my fellow Wild Peace Book Club members!  We haven’t read a book together for a long time, but who can say no to HRC?  The book is Still Life by Louise Penny, and it’s the first in a series of books featuring Inspector Gamache.  I’m halfway through the second book in the series, and loving it; I’ve been reading a lot of books about writing recently, and it’s a nice break to indulge in fiction.

So much to be thankful for.  #blessed






SNAPSHOT #heartsoulmindspirit

Yet again – a snapshot:

-I found a new podcast!  It popped up in my feed one day.  It’s a suspenseful p636149902973785421-homecoming-show-art-3000pxodcast drama, and I was skeptical due to my experience with Limetown.  But so far, it’s compelling stuff.  The podcast is called Homecoming, and it comes out every Wednesday.  I can’t wait!

-I’m currently reading How To Be Here by Rob Bell.  It’s lovely so far.

-There’s been lots of good family time lately!  Thanksgiving in Vegas with my sister and my mom, DC with my brother’s family, baby-sitting – now for five kids instead of four.  🙂

-During our DC weekend, Tee, Teddy, and I spent the morning at the Hirshhorn.  It’s been a long time since Tee and I have visited a museum – and it was Teddy’s first!

-I’m definitely still adjusting to the Working Mommy endeavor. Yesterday was a particularly challenging day, so I found myself listening to The Gifts Of Imperfection throughout the work day.  Brene = always helpful.

-My first week as a Working Mommy was difficult.  My second week was horrid.  But, I had a restful Saturday and a restorative Sunday, and started to feel more like myself again.  I even experienced a Moment of Flow on Sunday, for the first time in a while.  It was lovely.