Recommended for a “light read”

Every once in a while in my reading life, I want a book that can be classified as a “light read.” Sometimes it’s because I just finished an emotionally intense novel (looking at you, A Little Life) or sometimes it’s because I have a lot going on personally and don’t feel capable of digging intoContinue reading “Recommended for a “light read””

This is 39

It’s my birthday! My most consistent birthday tradition is spending time, by myself or with a kindred spirit, writing at a coffee shop. All birthdays are a great time for reflection, and with my birthday nestled right between Christmas and New Year’s, I find that my mind is usually wandering to reflections on the yearContinue reading “This is 39”

Making time for the things that help you feel grounded

You’re a full-time working mom. You have no time intentionally set aside for you; every hour, every minute of the day is devoted to work, family, kids. It’s not sustainable, and it doesn’t work. Sometimes, in my working mom life, I feel like I am spinning and buzzing all over the place and barely haveContinue reading “Making time for the things that help you feel grounded”