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I keep alluding to the fact that we’ve had a big change in our lives recently.

I’m not trCartoon teddy bear clipartying to be vague or coy.  I just don’t have the words to describe the elation and the relief and the joy that we feel at the addition of this amazing, wonderful, two-month-old teddy bear to our family.

Someday (maybe?) I’ll write a blog post summarizing the events of this summer and the subsequent jubilee Tee and I have been experiencing.

But for now, I’d like to talk about how to get back into a good routine for #body nourishment now that all my workouts now include ten pounds of baby goodness.

Lucky for us, the NCR Trail is literally right outside our front door.  So Teddy and I frequently take mid-day walks on the trail, which is awesome.  However – I’ve been really slacking on running.

Today, I decided to…

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A few months ago, I set some heartsoulmindbody goals when I was neglecting my #soul quadrant.

-Attend a training in mindfulness-based stress reduction.

-Take an online writing class.

-Finish the self-compassion workshop I started on Brene Brown’s Courage Works website.

I am crushing it.

Today I attended a PESI training in MBSR and I loved it; it’s a two-day training, so I get to go tomorrow, too.  I’ve been journalling in an MBSR workbook and Tee and I did a mindful check-in just now.  I think this technique could be a touchstone for me – a central tool for my personal and professional growth.

I am signed up for a course in advanced fiction writing at Harford Community College beginning on March 15th.

AND today I re-committed to completing the self-compassion workshop.  I need it!  And the biggest barrier has been slow internet at home.  But today (and most work days), I was in a building with great internet.  So I watched some kickass self-compassion videos during my lunch break.  (#socialworkdork)

The workbook I’m using has exercises and text interspersed with bits of poetry.  Like this one by Mary Oliver.  Love.


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My last check-in was on November 19.

Here’s where I’m at:

💖 I’ve written 8 posts about #heart food.  There’s been lots of good family and friend time lately.  Not to mention Teddy snuggles.  🙂

☯️ I’ve written 9 posts about #soul food.  Good work.14581325_1226489350744851_3604107054275663474_n

💭 I’ve written 11 posts about #mind food. Consistently my most-nourished quadrant.

🏃 I’ve written 5 posts about #body food.  (I’ve also gained the New-Baby-Slash-Wintertime Fifteen, which is a thing I’ve invented since learning that my pants are not fitting properly.  😢)  Really – I have not been prioritizing exercise and healthy eating.  And I need to do that.

🌱 I’ve written 2 posts about #spirit food.  (My hunch is that this is from lack of writing rather than lack of growth, challenge, and adventure – but we’ll see.)

Everything is a little overwhelming right now.  The job – that’s the most stressful thing.  Finding the time to do everything I want to do, especially writing and Teddy time – that’s a challenge, too.

But it’s all going to be okay.  Right?



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Every Saturday morning, Teddy and I start the day in a room full of happy, joyous, and free women sharing their hearts.

It’s pretty great.

This week has been tough.  I started my work week on Tuesday after a wonderful weekend away in Portland with my lovely little family.  (So much #heart food!  Got to see one of my besties, Girafton, as well as one of my college roommates, and we stayed with some of Tee’s Warren Wilson buddies and their adorable two-year-old.)

Anyway – so I ca15822718_1356367461094318_8821054860644943047_nme back to Maryland relaxed and refreshed.  Work was hectic on Tuesday and Wednesday but I felt pretty zen about it all.  But by Thursday and Friday, stress eating and numbing had returned to my life.  They were not welcome, but they find their ways to wiggle in anyway.

This weekend is helping me to restore my wellness and my balance.  Today I went to a meeting, then ran some errands, came home and enjoyed a long walk on the trail with Teddy.  We frolicked outdoors (the weather was beautiful!), and I got some things done around the house.

I’m doing my best to take each day as it comes – and to trust that when a change needs to be made, the universe will gently guide me toward the next right thing to do.

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Lessons From My Time Log #LessonsLearned

So I started keeping a time log, a la Laura Vanderkam, to solve the mystery of what the heck I do with my 168 hours each week.

Currently, it’s been abandoned.  I am pretty sure it’s stuck in a desk drawer at my office.

I may pick it up again, or I may start a new time log.  OR I’ll abandon it.  But no matter what, I’ve already gathered a few takeaways from this endeavor.

Takeaway # 1: You have a commute that eats up at least 6 or 7 of your hours each week.  You need to figure out a way to use it well.

Takeaway # 2: Each of us has core competencies – things we do better than anyone else in the world.  We are best served when we spend most of our time engaged in our core competencies and outsource everything else.  (I think mine are nurturing my family, nurturing myself, writing, reading,

Takeaway # 3: I multitask.  A lot.  Many of my increments were labelled as “something/something else.”  (Edgar/dishes.  Talking to Tee/laundry.)  I don’t know if this bad – but it’s something I noticed.

Takeaway # 4: You manage what you measure.  Just keeping the time log helped me to be more mindful and intentional about how I spent my hours.

We’ll see if I go further with this.  That’s all I’ve got for now.