Currently: July 2021

Currently reading:

My reading pace has slowed down a little these past few weeks. I finally finished Do Right By Me by Valerie I. Harrison and Kathryn Peach D’Angelo – such a great read and resource. I also finished The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. Currently I am reading Run by Ann Patchett, We Want To Do More Than Survive by Bettina Love, and Parenting 4 Social Justice by Angela Berkfield.

Currently listening to:

I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of the book Playful Mindfulness, as well as the audiobooks versions of Run and We Want To Do More Than Survive.

Currently watching:

The early seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Oh, my gosh, that show is so funny! I’m watching this a little too much lately – definitely interfering with my audiobook time – but I had completely forgotten how much I love it, and it’s been awesome to revisit.

Currently the boys:

WILL NOT STOP WRESTLING. It’s non-stop, and someone almost always ends up in tears. They are obsessed. Trying to savor the rare moments when they’re playing with something semi-calmly. Edgar is really into taking cardboard boxes and turning them into something else – he made a rocket ship and a toy store with a parking lot, most recently. They’ve also re-engaged with the Toy Story franchise, so Buzz and Woody are frequently being wrestled over lately.

Currently grateful for:

Transferring to a new school! In September, I’ll start at a new elementary school. I’m so excited to be working with younger kids again, and I’m grateful, as always, for the energy I get with a fresh start.

Currently psyched about:

Edgar’s 5th birthday TOMORROW!

Currently looking forward to:

Relaxed summer mornings with no rush to go anywhere or do anything. Whether it’s during our camping trips or just during my time at home with the boys, I am really looking forward to that. I’d like to go for longer runs, strengthen my morning routine, and steal an hour (or two!) of reading before the boys wake up.

Happy, happy July!

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Reflections + Intentions

It’s the last day of a long, crazy school year as I type this. I am so excited for two months of vacation, swimming, beach, adventure, quiet, and family time.

A few reflections:

  • It’s been a challenging and unique school year. It felt long and short, hectic and tedious, calm and crazy.
  • It’s been a year of feeling guilty. When I was working remotely, it was about feeling guilty for not working when I was home with my boys, and then feeling guilty when I was working because I wasn’t giving them my full attention.
  • It’s been a year of mega multi-tasking – always doing multiple things at once, always juggling, never fully present anywhere.
  • The end of this year is also the end of my three years at my current school. In the fall, I’ll be switching to an elementary school closer to home. I am so, so excited for the change – and yet, so sad to leave my current co-workers and students.
  • I feel exhausted. I often do, at times like this. The last few weeks of the school year were a sprint to get everything done in time. When I walked out the door today, I was completely done – everything filed, everything signed, every e-mail addressed. I’m a little in disbelief that I am actually all done. Can I relax? Can I actually feel comfortable with the fact that I did everything I needed to do and can now fully focus on being present with my family and enjoying my summer?

A few intentions:

  • This summer, I am striving to do one thing at a time, fully. Especially when I’m with my boys. The OPPOSITE of remote learning multi-tasking.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to reset family routines, rhythms, and rituals, without the burden of work/life exhaustion getting in the way.
  • The summertime for me is always a great time for a reset – a reset of my exercise routine, my reading habits, my eating habits. Today, I am exhausted. I’m hoping that after a week of work-stress-free living, I’ll be feeling renewed and refreshed.

Happy official summertime to all! May we spend this season doing whatever we do to feel rested and rejuvenated.

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Oops (Yet Again)

So much happening. So much to process. So little writing actually getting done!

Last week, I noticed that I made a blogging error – a post was published that was still in draft form. SIGH. I wish I could say this was the first time I did that!  It’s not, and it likely won’t be the last.

Then, since realizing that error, I have also missed posting days on July 10, 21, 25, and 28. YIKES.

It does make sense that the blogging and the fiction writing have both slipped. I’d like to get back on track – as I indicated in my recent post entitled Getting Back On Track, LOL – but there are a few real things in the way:

-A few big items on my to-do list that are hanging over my head. Really trying to take care of a few big things – paperwork, household things – that have been causing me low level stress for a long time.

So much to read and learn. I’ve been reading a lot of articles and publications that I don’t usually consume. This is partly related to the antiracism resources that have been shared recently on social media, and partly related to working with my local chapter of SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice).

Some part-time work. Usually my summer is work-free but I’ve taken on a bit of part-time work from home.

SLEEP!  My sleep schedule is SO off!  It’s bonkers. I’m staying up late reading (or dealing with a four-year-old who has a LOT of things he needs to tell me at 10 p.m.) and then completely failing at waking up at 4 a.m. to write!

I have switched my mindset a little these past few days. Basically, if there’s something on my to-do list that is plaguing me – I’m trying to get it done, even if it means setting writing aside for the day. The work I’m doing with SURJ is important. Keeping my home tidy and sane is important – especially these days, when our home is our haven, our safe place, more than ever before. Spending an hour on Zoom with a friend is important. Contacting my councilman about the local Police Reform bill on the floor is important.

Spoiler Alert: it’s all important. And the writing is, too. I’m a little sad that my summer writing hasn’t been working out as I’d planned. But I also know the things that I’m doing day-to-day are extraordinarily valuable. AND these are – ahem, prepare for an overused word – unprecedented times!

So, oops. But as always – time to reset and move forward. Onward.

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Entertaining Littles During Social Distancing

For the past few days, I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring activity ideas for my days with the boys.

Once you start looking around for ideas to teach or entertain your toddler and preschooler, it is an endless rabbit hole. There are so many amazing parent bloggers out there, with great ideas for activities. It’s incredibly helpful. I am a fun and silly parent, but ideas for crafts or sensory activities don’t come to me automatically. And I definitely benefit from the pro tips these bloggers provide. Many of them are current or former teachers, and have pro tips about how to set up these activities so that your kids are engaged and your house doesn’t get destroyed – both good things.

These are some of the activities we’ve tried out so far:

My favorite website so far has been Busy Toddler – such a great resource with so many fun ideas, and really easy to read and follow.

It’s been challenging, not being able to go out and about with the kids. They are pretty easy-going and have been fairly content, but I can tell there are times when they’re bored or feeling uninspired by the same old toys and activities. For them and for me, it’s been fun to break out a new and unexpected activity; they try out new things, they experiment, they figure out new and creative ways to play. It’s been really fun to find creative ideas for experiments and sensory play. Hoping to add to this list throughout the spring and summer.

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Wrapping Up February 2020 (Kind. Healthy. Creative. Present.)

This happiness project is a BUST so far! I’m mostly laughing about it.

My plan for 2020 has been to pick a theme for each month, and make a few small resolutions every month that are aligned with that theme. But it just hasn’t worked out. Life gets busy and crazy, and I have trouble even remembering what my resolutions are, let alone actually keeping them!

Looking ahead to March 2020, my main priority is diet and exercise. I have made some progress in this area, but I still struggle to refrain from candy and junk food, especially when I’m feeling stressed.

My second goal is to prioritize creative writing. And my third is MEETINGS. I’m abandoning meditation for the moment. I love to meditate, and I do think that prioritizing that habit would be beneficial, but having too many goals and priorities means that I accomplish none.

I don’t know how I’ll structure these posts about my goals and priorities moving forward, but for today, I’m just trying to stay in the moment and keep these words in my mind: Kind. Healthy. Creative. 

Kind. Healthy. Creative. Let’s do this.

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