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All The Things (May 2019)


The biggest thing that happened this May was that I finished my graduate school course. I was required to enroll in an eight week long class about special education, and it was rough adding an additional responsibility to my already-chock-full plate for two months. But I survived it, and I am excited to now focus on wrapping up my school year and readying myself for summertime bliss.

This month was the first time I set personal goals rather than writing goals, and I think it helped me a lot. I definitely maintained my blogging schedule, and I exercised pretty much every day. I did not entirely rid myself of my bedtime candy habit, but I decided that right now is too tricky of a time to successfully abandon that habit – too many late nights, too little sleep, and too little mental energy to make good choices. (Ironically, once I abandoned this goal, I actually improved a little and ate less candy than I’d been consuming. So that was great!)

Oh, and also – what were all the things this May?

Things I’m Reading: I finished reading This Is Where I Leave You, a novel that I enjoyed a lot. I’m still reading The Mindful Kind, and I’m enjoying it tremendously – I am in no rush at all to finish it! I also read two other novels, The Silent Patient and Jar Of Hearts, which were both major page turners.

Things I’m Contemplating: SUMMERTIME! Making plans and schedules in my head. Excited to wrap up the school year and enjoy two months of parenting and writing.

Things Up Next: Look out for my summertime post – with my planned schedules and agendas for days with the boys and days to write. I am so excited to sketch out what I want my summer to look like!

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All The Things (April 2019)

It’s 5:08 a.m. as I type this. It’s a rare moment when I’ve taken care of Baby J.J. all night long, but still was able to get myself out of bed at 4:45 a.m. I did approximately three minutes of yoga and now I’m busily typing while my coffee brews.

This month has been busier socially than the three months before it. It’s springtime, and I’ve made lots of play dates with friends. That has unfortunately interfered with writing and exercise time; I’m still doing both, just a little less frequently than I’d like.

Here are the things for this month:

Things I’m Reading: I’ve basically been fretting about what book to read next all month! I have a Goodreads bookshelf titled “OMG WHAT TO READ” and there are 50 books on it. I ended up listening to two old favorites on audiobook this month – Carry On Warrior and Tiny Beautiful Things. I’ve also been slowly working my way through a good novel (This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper) and reading pieces of other books when the moment strikes me. I DO NOT LIKE READING LIKE THIS. But I’m finding it hard to zero in on one book. I’m hoping the May Book Of The Month selections inspire me to choose one to read. Stay tuned!

Things I’m Watching: I’ve been watching reruns of Dead Like Me, a TV show from 2003 – 2004 that only aired for two seasons, while feeding J.J. at night.

Things About Writing: The blogging is still going great, but my novel writing has not. I don’t know if I can make a big push until the end of May, when I’m done with the (annoying) grad school course I’m taking right now. But maybe I can? I’ll evaluate when I write my monthly writing goals.

I think that’s all the things for now. It’s been a joyful April, with Baby J.J.’s adoption finalized and lots of time with friends and family. Now we’re cruising until SUMMERTIME!

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All The Things (March 2019)

I’m enjoying writing these monthly summary posts. It feels like a good opportunity to reflect on the month and see how things have been going personally, professionally, and creatively.

Here are the things for this month:

Things I’m Reading: Not much, sadly! I did finish reading Daisy Jones and The Six. I’ve been listening to an audiobook version of Drop The Rock, which is an AA book, and I’ve been enjoying that a lot. There are also 8 other books on the “Currently Reading” shelf of my Goodreads: Between The World And Me, How To Be Less Stupid About Race, Story Genius, I’m Chocolate You’re Vanilla, Freefall, The Dreamers, Come Rain Or Come Shine, and Unsheltered. I don’t love operating like this – reading a whole bunch of books at once – so I’ll probably zero in on one or two soon.

Things I’m Watching: I have been super into old seasons of The Good Wife recently. SO GOOD.

Things About Writing: I got a trial version of Scrivener, and I’ve been trying that out. I’m not sure so far – I find it a little overwhelming – but I’m excited to keep at it and see if it helps with my creative organization. Plus, the blogging is continuing to go well – 2 posts a week for all of 2019!  🙂

I’ll write a lot more about March 2019 when I reflect on my digital minimalist diet in another post.  Stay tuned!

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All The Things (February 2019)

What a different a month makes! My state of mind as we close out February is markedly different than it was at the end of January. Edgar’s bedtime and nap routines have improved tremendously, and J.J. is inching closer to sleeping through the night. It’s starting to feel like there’s room in life for things other than child care, work, and sleep – like, for example, reading a book, writing a novel, exercise, and self-care.

Here are all the things from this month:

Things I’m Reading: I finished reading The Patron Saint Of Liars by Ann Patchett and The Absolutist by John Boyne, and I enjoyed both books. I’ve been working my way through a few different books – Story Genius, We Were Eight Years In Power, and I’m Chocolate You’re Vanilla – throughout the month as well, both reading hard copies and listening to Audible versions during my commute.

Things I’m Watching: I’ve been binging on old episodes of Monk. I love that show, but the constant TV watching has been getting to me. Toward the end of February, I started to cut back on my TV time and that’s felt really good.

Things I’m Enjoying: SNOW DAYS!  Keep them coming!  Yes, I love spring weather – but I love random days off from work to be with my boys even more.

Monthly Writing Goals – How Are Things?: So, I thought I totally failed at my writing goals for this month. But when I checked my monthly writing goals post for February, I realized that the goals I set were pretty modest, and so I actually did achieve them. I maintained my twice weekly blogging schedule (holla!), and I opened my novel document and I wrote a few words. I did NOT finish the book Story Genius, but I’ve made some good progress. I am loving the book, but I don’t have a ton of time to read and I’m trying to balance reading for skills and learning with reading for pleasure. (Which, let’s be real, is sometimes just as educational as reading books about the craft of writing is.)

Things I’m Contemplating: How to keep sobriety and spirituality central in my life. Since becoming a parent, I feel like I’m on autopilot a lot of the time; I go, go, go, go, and I forget to take time to pray or to meditate. It’s a Saturday as I write this; I attend a recovery meeting almost every Saturday morning, and I feel so refreshed and inspired all day long as a result. But, how do I keep that feeling with me as the week progresses? I have some ideas; stay tuned.

Happy February!  I didn’t really accomplish my kindness goals for this month, unless you count being kind to myself and my family – AND I DO COUNT THAT, so I’m calling this month a win. Let’s do this, March!

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All The Things (December 2018)

It’s been a busy month, wrapping up an incredibly busy year!

I’m going to try my best to get back to biweekly blogging in 2019, but to do that, I am thinking I’ll have to be okay with some short-but-sweet posts early in the year until I am readjusted to my routine. (This will be one of those!)

Things I’m Reading: Earlier this month, I finished A Ladder To The Sky by John Boyne. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Boyne is officially one of my favorite writers. Right now, I am halfway through Louise Penny’s latest Gamache book, Kingdom Of the Blind – also good so far.

Things I’m Watching: So many reruns of The Good Place and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that I’m almost getting bored. But I feel way too tired most days to invest in a brand-new show. Sigh – first world problems.

Things I’ve Been Celebrating: Baby J.J.’s first Christmas, Edgar’s first Christmas when he really understood the magic of the season, and my 36th birthday!

Things I’m Excited About: A new year, new writing goals, and the chance to set a new rhythm for my routines.