Happening lately

Life lately is hectic and a wee bit stressful. There is little time for any creative pursuits – little time for anything that’s not my full-time job and my family. Our weekdays are crazed. My wife started grad school in January, so we do a lot of handing off the kids – I get homeContinue reading “Happening lately”

The gifts in Encanto, ranked in order of helpfulness

Least helpful Encanto gift, in 8th place: Pepa’s mood controlling the weather. How does this help anyone, particular when Pepa has so much trouble self-regulating? (No judgment, sister, I would be the same.) Edgar pointed out that maybe she could make it rain to make crops grow, but really, throughout the movie, I only seeContinue reading “The gifts in Encanto, ranked in order of helpfulness”


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