The gifts in Encanto, ranked in order of helpfulness

Least helpful Encanto gift, in 8th place: Pepa’s mood controlling the weather. How does this help anyone, particular when Pepa has so much trouble self-regulating? (No judgment, sister, I would be the same.) Edgar pointed out that maybe she could make it rain to make crops grow, but really, throughout the movie, I only see her struggling with The Cloud while her adorable husband Felix offers emotional support/swats The Cloud away.

Second least helpful, in 7th place: Isabela. Like her gift is super beautiful and lovely, but also, just plant some flowers and water them and stuff, you guys. (Note: slightly more helpful after her magical awakening in “What Else Can I Do?”, when she seems to be able to FLY!)

Medium helpful, in 6th place: Dolores’s superhuman hearing ability. I love love love Dolores but her ability seems to be mostly related to snooping. (Prove me wrong because I truly love her. Her part in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is my fave to perform.)

Also medium helpful, in 5th place: Antonio – the CUTEST CHARACTER OMG – being able to talk to animals. “The rats told me everything.” Not UNhelpful, but he is surpassed by others.

Fourth most helpful, in 4th place: Bruno-no-no. Like, incredible incredible gift, to see the future! But seems like it doesn’t always serve a productive purpose since everyone gets mad and he can’t change the prophecy. “Eeeevery time.”

Third most helpful: Camilo. I wasn’t sure about this one at first, but I was sold once I watched the movie for like the fifth time and noted all of his helpfulness during the opening scenes. He shape shifts into a super tall dude so he can hang the sign for Antonio’s gift ceremony, and he morphs into the mother of an infant so that she can take a nap while he holds the baby. (Am I disproportionately influenced by that one act of service because I am an overtired parent of an infant? MAYBE.)

Second most helpful: Julieta, my favorite gift, the one I’ve chosen during every family vote. Really, arepas con queso probably do heal most things anyway.

Most helpful: Luisa. Like, when she moves the bridge. And the donkeys. And the CHURCH. And when she PUSHES BACK UP THE HOUSE THAT IS LEANING. So helpful – like all oldest sisters.

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