Goals for 2022

Every year, without fail, I make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions and I forget about them by February.

Note: I don’t necessarily stop keeping the resolutions by February. I might still be practicing mindfulness or being intentional with my purchases or doing yoga. But a few weeks into the new calendar year, I will have forgotten that this was a goal I set for myself and I’ll just be doin’ what I’m doin’, resolutions irrelevant.

Despite this track record, I still love making a resolution or setting a goal. I find that taking the time to make the decision is helpful, even if I forget about it later. That time for reflection – for deciding what really matters to me and what I want to focus on or achieve in the coming year – is productive. It may not result in a string of gold stars on a sticker chart tracking my writing, but it does shift things for me. Those resolutions come back to me in quiet moments – like when I’m about to have a book shipped to my house and I remember that I’m going to spend three extra bucks and support my local bookstore and not give Amazon more of my dollars. The resolution is present subconsciously, even if I couldn’t tell you what it was if asked at that minute.

Here are my goals for 2022:

  1. Embrace routines for morning and evening that support good sleep, good exercise, and quality Me Time.
  2. Run some races. (Got my eye on a 5K in March!)
  3. Upgrade your exercise routine to include yoga and strength training – IT IS TIME and it will be worth it.
  4. Stay in touch with all your people, however you can! Texts, phone calls, cards, letters, gifts – whatever works.
  5. Spend mindfully – only buy what you really want and feel good about where the money’s going.
  6. Read the books you want to have read – more on this in a later post.
  7. Write every day – morning + evening if you can get it done. All other writing goals are impossible without achieving this one!

Just now, I scheduled a blog post to publish on February 1 of 2022. The body of the post is blank, but the title is: Did I make goals for 2022? And if so, what were they?

I won’t remember. But I’ll probably be closer to achieving them than I am today, anyway. Because Subconscious Kerriann is always working.

What are your 2022 goals that you’ll forget by February? Do share – and feel no pressure, because I’ll forget yours, too. Happy 2022!

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