Happening lately

So, so much has been happening lately – a huge whirlwind. Earlier this month, a new baby – our third child – was placed in our home. We are over-the-moon excited as a family. Our older boys are obsessed with Baby C – they love feeding him, holding him, singing to him, and just generally gazing at him and sportscasting everything he does. (“Mooooom! He’s smiling!”)

I am home on adoption leave with Baby C for the next few weeks, and it has been simply amazing taking care of an infant again. I love the mindfulness and presence and rhythm of life with an infant. I am especially obsessed with the intoxicating smell of the top of his head and with wearing him in the baby carrier. Jonas started walking at 9 months old, so it’s been over two years since I’ve “worn” a baby and I absolutely love it.

I feel a mix of anxiety and contentment at the moment – anxiety related to the adoption process, which won’t be finalized for at least six months; and contentment related to all the joy of settling in as a family of five. Luckily, the contentment is a much stronger presence than the anxiety.

There is so much swirling through my head at the moment – so many different thoughts about adoption, being a mom, having three kids. Today is my first time alone in the house since Baby C came home. I’ve started five drafts of different posts. When will they be finished? No way to tell. Adjusting to life with three kids under six is definitely going to take time and energy, and I imagine that my alone/writing time will take a hit. That will be completely okay; I am more grateful than any words can say for this beautiful baby, for my family, and for the endless joys of this everyday life.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

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