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Early chapter books we love

Have I written yet about my obsession with early reader chapter books? (I have – and I will again. Because I am obsessed.)

I love reading to my kids, always. But this spring, when Edgar and I started to regularly read beginner chapter books together, was oh-so-awesome. We had tried a few chapter books before – books like the Magic Treehouse books and the Mercy Watson series – and Edgar enjoyed them. However, when my friend Emma heard that we liked the movie How To Train Your Dragon and recommended the Dragon Masters series – that was when Chapter Book Life really took off for us.

The Dragon Masters books have been great for us because:

  1. They have a great storyline and plot – lots of action, but not so much that it’s hard for a four- or five-year-old to follow.
  2. There are illustrations on every page. (Edgar liked the Magic Treehouse books, but he kept trying to turn to a page with an illustration – in that series, I believe there’s a picture every two or three pages.)
  3. There are DRAGONS. We love dragons!

We definitely still read picture books regularly, but we’ve tried out a bunch of different chapter books since entering this new phase. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Dragon Masters series by Tracey West.
  • Princess In Black series by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale.
  • Once Upon A Fairy Tale series by Anna Staniszewski.
  • Kingdom Of Wrenly series by Jordan Quinn. (Full disclosure, Edgar is not as into these ones; I’m not really sure why. It could just be the timing of when they were presented, as we were in the middle of the Dragon Masters series at the time; I’m going to try again at some point!)
  • Olive and Beatrix series by Amy Marie Stadelmann.
  • Pixie Tricks series by Tracey West.
  • James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

Happy reading!

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