Currently: November 2021

It’s been difficult to figure out where to begin when I sit down to write lately.

So much is happening – and also, not much is happening. We have settled into our fall routine. The boys are learning new things every day. The weather is changing. We get ready for school in the mornings. We play in the backyard. We see close friends for outdoor playdates. We have evening homework. We have lots of overtired kid meltdowns, though those are decreasing every week! We also have lots of festivity as we gear up for the holidays.

I am contemplating how I want to structure my writing for (gasp!) 2022. I like doing these monthly check-in posts, but sometimes I find them boring or repetitive, especially when I’m already writing a monthly gratitude post. Maybe I just need more categories? We’ll see.

Currently reading:

I am currently reading A Line To Kill, which is the latest from Anthony Horowitz. Loving it so far – perfect time of year for a cozy mystery.

Currently reading to my kids:

Edgar and I are currently still working through the Eerie Elementary series. Jonas is listening to ALL the books, which is lovely. (If you have a 1- or 2-year-old that’s not that into books, be encouraged! Jonas could barely sit still for a book when he was younger, and now he is loving it.) A few of our favorite picture books lately have been Pumpkin Soup and Zip Zoom On A Broom.

Currently listening to:

Nothing, really. Sometimes a podcast. Sometimes old reruns of The Big Bang Theory while I’m cleaning the kitchen. I have so many great audiobooks in my Audible library, and my commute would be a great time for listening – except, at the end of the day, I am SPENT because work is stressful. More on that at some point.

Currently the boys are:

Really into playing in the dirt in our backyard. Like, there’s one patch of dirt in particular. They are obsessed with it.

They are also really engaged with their respective schools. It has been so lovely to see them both enjoying their days and telling us stories about school over dinner. Edgar is reading sight words and Jonas is remembering the names of his classmates. He also is half-grinning, half-rolling his eyes when I troll him by singing songs I know he’s singing at school. (One of my favorite things to do is look up the lyrics to songs or chants that I find out, from teachers or school newsletters, that they are using at school. I then incorporate them at home. Edgar has always loved this, because he loves the songs/chants but sometimes can’t remember every word or the beat. For Jonas, I think he thinks I am ridiculous when I bust out “Falling, falling, falling leaves; Mother Nature, did you sneeze?” to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.)

Currently grateful for:

My family. A lot is happening in our extended family currently, and I’m grateful for all the humans involved in all of it.

Currently looking forward to:

The holidays! So excited to be with family for Thanksgiving and then to enjoy all the merriment and joy of Christmas.

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