5 Things I’m Grateful For (October 2021)

So much to be grateful for.

  1. A beautiful book called The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. One of my favorites of 2021 in a year that’s been full of wonderful books.
  2. A new chapter book series that Edgar and I have been reading together – the Eerie Elementary books by Jack Chabert. They are spooky, so I was a little concerned they might be scary for Edgar, but he loves them and hasn’t seem scared at all – possibly because the premise of the book is silly enough that he finds it all funny and entertaining rather than scary. The books are silly, spooky, and perfect for the Halloween season.
  3. Light seasonal decorating! Tamara and I have never been big on seasonal decor. However, as Halloween approached, the boys started getting excited to make our house festive/spooky. We started out with little orange foam pumpkins – they drew jack-o-lantern faces and hung them in their bedroom windows. Tamara made a giant spiderweb in the front yard and we tied tiny spider rings to it; then we slowly started adding bigger homemade spiders to the web. I love this slow-paced, all-season-long manner of decorating; making the house festive is an enjoyable, activity-based affair, rather than a mad dash on a single day.
  4. A weekend packing up and saying good-bye to my childhood home. More on that at some point.
  5. The creeping approach of the holidays. While I’m not feeling great about the approach of daylight savings time and winter, I am so excited for the holidays – time for family and general merriment.

Happy October – and happy almost Halloween!

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