Currently: October 2021

Currently reading:

I’ve been on a big reading kick lately and just recently finished Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library – loved it. I’m currently reading The House in the Cerulean Sea and loving it oh-so-much. All recommendations for middle grade/YA fiction are welcome!

Currently reading to my kids:

Edgar and Jonas have both been loving the Olive and Beatrix books by Amy Marie Stadelmann. Edgar also has been enjoying the Schubert books, a series of Conscious Discipline books that he’s been listening to at school; we have a few copies at home and he loves them all. We found a great book at our newly-opened-after-renovation library called Shark and Bot, which is a graphic novel for young readers. While I definitely prefer a traditional book to a graphic novel, I am finding that the kids graphic novels we’ve read together are great for this age – a more advanced storyline, but with lots of great visuals to keep the kids engaged. (There is a graphic novel version of the first two books in the Magic Treehouse series and Edgar really enjoyed the first one.) Recently, they are BOTH (!!!) enjoying re-reading all the Princess In Black books. They are also both equally obsessed with a silly and semi-spooky book called I Want To Be In A Scary Story by Sean Taylor – they literally argue over it at bedtime. We read it all together on the couch, then Jonas takes it to his bedroom for Tamara to read it again, and when they’re done they deliver it to me and Edgar so WE can read it one more time. Don’t love it when they bicker – love it when they’re literally fighting over a book.

Currently listening to:

My newest favorite podcast is Home School Hood, which is a new listen from Erica Ladd of The Girl Next Door podcast. I have a secret obsession with learning about all things homeschooling and education, and it’s all very much on my mind with Edgar starting school. I’ve also been reading a book called The Homeschool Alternative by Dr. Myiesha Taylor and that’s been extremely informative and insightful.

Currently the boys are:

Getting settled into their new routine! Edgar had homework for the first time – homework. (I imagine I’ll have some thoughts and feelings about homework as he gets older, but right now, while it consists of tracing a page full of numbers? It’s adorable and new and we both love it.) Jonas is still so excited to be going to school “all by myself.” He loves his two teachers and having things to tell us about his day. He also gets REAL bummed on Tuesdays and Thursdays when it’s not a school day. A super-sweet brother moment was Edgar gently telling him last Tuesday, “It’s okay, Jo Jo! You’ll have a really fun day at home!” Heart melting.

Currently grateful for:

Two hours spent simplifying my “Want To Read” list on Goodreads. This task was a happy surprise during a season when I am trying to simplify and declutter many areas of my home and life.

I was having trouble falling asleep one night, and I looked at my WTR list on Goodreads, and it had over 600 books on it – TOO MANY. Typically, if I see a book that sounds interesting, I immediately add it to this list without thinking much about it. It ends up being way too long of a list. and not necessarily books that I truly want to read – so very unhelpful.

That night, I went through the books and deleted a whole bunch that I couldn’t even remember adding to the list. Once it was culled down a little, I went through it again (insomnia much?) and looked at the descriptions more closely. If it really sounded like something I might want to read, I left it; if I wasn’t sure, I deleted it. Now, the list is just under 100 titles – so it’s actually a real resource I could use if I’m in one of my reading ruts and don’t know which book I should read next. I’m also hoping this simplifying will help with my habit of over-requesting library books; sometimes, I hear about a book, and I immediately request it from the library. Now that my WTR list is under control, I can add a book to that list instead. That way, I won’t end up with 35 books on the hold shelf at the library, 10 of which are books I don’t even remember ordering. (True story – multiple times over, true story.)

Currently looking forward to:

While I am bummed about the end of summer, I’m loving the cooler fall weather and getting excited about the seasonal fun of October, November, and December. Especially with Edgar and Jonas experiencing the festivities through their school communities as well.

Happy October – and happy fall!

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