5 things I’m grateful for (September 2021)

So much to be grateful for.

  1. The shift to cooler fall weather. With school starting, I am finding that we’re spending a lot of our non-school time out in the backyard – the boys play, Tamara works on projects, and I read until Jonas asks me to play Incredibles with him. I’ve been loving the afternoons of light breezes and sunny sky.
  2. Edgar has been super sweet and cuddly at bedtime lately. He wants to lay on top of me or snuggled right up next to me as he’s falling asleep. He’ll look up at me and say, “I love you more than anything in the whole world, Mommy. I just want to be where YOU are!” When I say back to him, “I love you more,” he asks, “Can I love you the most?” And I agree – and then he grins super big because he gets to win. Melts my heart.
  3. Jonas got a big boy bed for his birthday, and he loves it. It’s also really changed up the boys’ playing dynamic; since the bed is new and different, they seem drawn to playing on it. Since Jonas’s room has not typically been a room they’ve played in, this has been a big shift for the household, and I can tell it makes Jonas feel more grown-up to have a bed and a room that’s more legit; prior to now, he’s been sleeping in his crib mattress on the floor, since he was ready to be done with the crib but not quite ready for the big boy bed yet.
  4. Two really great easy reads, both by Rebecca Stead – The List Of Things That Will Not Change and When You Reach Me. These are both middle grade novels, and they are wonderful, good-for-the-soul books.
  5. Jonas starting nature pre-school! He went for orientation first, together with Tamara, and then went for his first day and came home announcing, “I went to school ALL BY MYSELF.” We teased him, asking, “Are you sure you didn’t have Edgar in your backpack? Or Sunny and Coco in your backpack?” – and he’d dissolve into giggles, insisting, “No, ALL BY MYSELF!” For a kid who has gone almost nowhere without his parents since March 2020, this was a big deal. Love seeing the boys going off on adventures and coming home to semi-coherently tell us about their days.

Happy September! Cheers to fall and to the new school year!

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