What do you need to feel like yourself in the mornings?

After finishing the Lazy Genius book, I started binging a few episodes of her podcast. Mostly, I focused on the episodes about back to school, morning or afternoon routines, and kid chores/responsibilities.

On one of the episodes about morning routines, the Lazy Genius (aka Kendra Adachi) posed a question I found interesting: What do you need to feel like yourself in the mornings?

I think about morning routine all the time, but I’d never thought about it in quite that way. That morning time – the hour or two I get to myself before the boys wake up – is such a valuable time to me. Whenever I think of something I really want or need to do, I immediately think of that early morning time as a time when I could get it done.

But – which of these activities makes me feel the most like myself? I like lifting weights and I want to prioritize strength training – but does it make me feel like me? Does it help me to enter my day in a peaceful, playful, and present manner? I don’t know if it does. Lifting weights is decidedly NOT me – I rarely remember to do it.

When I used the Lazy Genius framing – What do I need in the mornings to feel most like myself? – I took some time to reflect and I came up with a few things.

  1. I need quiet time to write in the mornings, preferably with a cup of hot coffee. I also need this quiet time to take place in a relatively tidy living/dining room space, which requires either a quick tidy when I wake up or an evening reset of the house the night before.
  2. I need to go for a run in the morning. If I engage in other exercise – yoga or strength training – that is bonus.
  3. I need to know that I am logistically ready for my day. If I can take care of this the night before so that it takes zero percent of my time in the mornings, that is ideal.

That is it; that’s what I need. I contemplated other activities, like meditation – and maybe someday, that will fit into my morning routine. But as the school year starts and I really try to essentialize what I need during the 4 am to 6 am hours each morning, it comes down to coffee, writing, running, and planning.

Such a great question for anyone to answer. What do YOU need to feel like yourself in the mornings?

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