5 Things I’m Grateful For (August 2021)

Such a wonderful summer; so much to be grateful for.

  1. The energy and excitement of a new school year approaching. The last two weeks of summer are usually a bit of an anxious time for me. I get excited for the new school year, but I also feel sad and stressed about the end of summer. I’m really trying to lean into gratitude and the things I love about back-to-school time, like school supply shopping (SO CUTE AND SWEET) and the chance to set up new routines and rituals. Edgar seems really ready for school right now; he sometimes seems bored and in need of increased stimulation on our lazy summer days, which is not typical for him. So the start of kindergarten and all that additional everyday learning is coming at a great time!
  2. Time with family. I travelled with the boys to Staten Island and Avalon to spend time with family and it was wonderful. Edgar learned to boogie board and Jonas made up a song and dance about “poopy store,” which is his favorite nonsensical two-year-old thing to talk about.
  3. Silly days + swimming lessons with the boys at our local pool. They attended swim lessons every day (Monday through Friday) for the first two weeks of August. It was so great to see the boys go from “afraid to put their faces in the water” to “fully swimming underwater” in just a few weeks. (Regular, everyday access to the pool was a big help.)
  4. All the books! More great early chapter books to read with Edgar! We started Tracey West’s Pixie Tricks series and he’s been loving those books. Recently we read The Magic Mirror – the first book in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale series – and that was a big hit, too. We occasionally dip back into picture books, and he really just loves to be read to, no matter the book. But I find myself continually so happy and grateful when we are reading longer titles. The novelty is great for me, and I love how excited he gets and the way he begs for “one more chapter” if the last chapter we read ends on a cliffhanger. (I usually give in – mostly because I also don’t want to wait until morning to find out what happens next!)
  5. A few mornings to myself to write. I didn’t get much writing done this summer because of travelling and adventures, and that was okay. But Tamara took the boys on outings for a few mornings in late August so that I could have time to journal and blog and write, and I’m so grateful to have gotten that time for myself before the craziness of the new school year started.

Happy August, everyone! Cheers to a new school year full of freshly-sharpened pencils and lots of learning for all of us.

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