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What a wonderful summer.

I am definitely feeling wistful and bummed as summer ends. It has been such a lovely summer in so many ways, but the Enneagram 4 in me often gets distracted by the things that didn’t happen. Such as the writing that didn’t get done, the routines that haven’t quite been in place, the patience and playfulness I haven’t always had with my kids.

Yet it’s been so lovely to be home with the boys, playing at the pool, reading, meeting up with family and friends outdoors. To get away on a few trips – to have some summer adventures – to watch the boys learn to swim. Overall, just a solid, feel-good, so-much-fun summer.

I’m so excited for the fall – to get settled in at my new school, to see Edgar and Jonas get settled at kindergarten and nature pre-school. I do get a burst of energy related to new seasons and new chances to build structure and routines. That part of the season will be lovely.

But I’m also anxious about the return to full-time in-person work. Since COVID began, my work life has not been full-time nine-to-five five days a week; there has been a lot more flexibility to my weekly routine. It will be a big adjustment to return to a 9 to 4 school/work day. I’m grateful about life inching closer to normal, but it’s also forcing me to face some realities about my contentment at work. I wish I was thrilled to be going to my job five days a week – but I’m not. I’m hoping that changes with the switch in schools, or with the boys attending school. (I think it’ll be less hard to be away from them if I know they’re busy learning and playing at their respective schools!) If it doesn’t change – then maybe a bigger job change is in my future at some point. Who knows? Not me, for sure.

This time of year is typically good for my writing. I spend a lot of time planning, considering routines, contemplating rituals. I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time writing and planning and goal-setting and dreaming. For now, I’m just reflecting and feeling grateful, for a great summer, a great new job about to start, and exciting new things to explore this fall.

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