Currently: August 2021

Currently reading:

I just finished The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz – such a great read, definitely a page-turner. My other favorites this month were State Of Wonder, Every Last Fear, The Nightingale, and Magic Hour. My obsession with Kristin Hannah continues and I might try Winter Garden next.

Currently listening to:

Mostly The Mom Hour and The Girl Next Door podcasts. Also, The Total Soccer Show for Olympics soccer and Gold Cup coverage.

Currently watching:

The Olympics! Loving watching soccer and gymnastics especially.

Currently the boys:

They are Aquamen! (“Who’s Aquaman?”, Edgar keeps asking me. Then I explain that I don’t really know but someday maybe he’ll read about him in a comic book.) We are in the middle of two weeks of swim lessons as I type this, and they are rocking it. It’s been amazing how much progress they’ve made simply because they have access to a pool every day. They moved from being reluctant about blowing bubbles and putting faces in the water to diving for rings and being able to kick-swim underwater in a few weeks.

Currently grateful for:

Gorgeous weather and being able to spend time with family and friends.

Currently psyched about:

All the sweet and ordinary and exciting milestones of these years. Things like Edgar riding his bike without training wheels for the first time, shopping for school supplies (!!!), and going down the big slide at the pool. Things like Jonas ditching diapers and participating in his swim lesson, i.e. trusting and interacting with a new adult after eighteen months of never once being away from his moms. I get so excited about all the new things – they give me boosts of energy and excitement in the midst of exhausting days of parenting little ones.

Currently looking forward to:

Two more weeks of summertime fun, and lots of fun daydreaming and planning for an exciting September. I always love a fresh start, and I love the energy and motivation that comes at this time of year – the other New Year – for me.

Happy August!

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