5 Things I’m Grateful For (July 2021)

Such a fantastic summer so far. So much to be grateful for, always.

  1. A week of family time at the beach! So happy to spend time enjoying sunshine and family.
  2. Playing at the local pool with the boys. Nearly every day this summer has been a pool day – me, Edgar, and Jonas, the boys jumping into the pool over and over and over again and giggling like crazy all day long.
  3. A few great books I’ve read this summer. During July, I read Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay and The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, both of which were great page-turners. I also read Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah – yet another amazing and compelling book by one of my new favorite authors.
  4. Last night, Jonas crept out of his room and asked if he could listen to a bedtime book with me and Edgar. Typically, we read a book all together on the couch, and then Tamara takes Jonas to his room for “bed books” and I take Edgar to his room for the same. Jonas does love books now, but he tends to get distracted if he’s listening to a book with Edgar; he loves his brother so much and mostly wants to play and be silly. He also isn’t quite ready for longer books, I had thought. (They both loved Mosquitos Can’t Bite Ninjas, though. Put that on your list if you have a preschooler to read to!) But last night, Jonas tucked right in and he listened to the entirety of The Princess In Black and the Giant Problem. Such a sweet moment, and made me really excited and hopeful for more of two brothers together listening to a bedtime story.
  5. Our camping trip! Such a great adventure – two weeks of tent living across six states. The two weeks ended with a camping birthday for Edgar, who is 5 years old now. FIVE. Craziness.

Happy summertime to all!

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