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This Summer: Reading Goals

My Audible library is chock full of books to listen to, and this summer, I’m hoping to get some listening done!

Typically, when I listen to an audiobook, my goal is to learn something new. I read paperback novels when I want to get lost in a good story; I listen to audiobooks (in the car or while tidying) when I want to learn more about a topic of interest.

Currently, the main topics of interest for me are parenting; mindfulness; Buddhism; kid behavior techniques; and social justice. I’m feeling motivated to refresh my knowledge in the areas of mindfulness and behavior management because I’m starting a new position at an elementary school next year, and I feel that knowledge in those areas helps me to best support children and families. I’m continuing to read about social justice because it’s important for me, my family, and my community. I want to lean into my decades-long curiosity about Buddhism because of some spiritual questions that have been on my mind. And I am always eager to listen to books about parenting – particularly as I strive to be more mindfully present as a parent after a long year of multi-tasking.

These are the books on my “To Listen/Read” list for this summer; I’ll feel amazingly awesome if I finish three of these titles!

  • Buddhism For Beginners.
  • The Conscious Parent.
  • Practices for Growing Up Mindful.
  • Being At Your Best When Your Kids Are At Their Worst.
  • 1-2-3 Magic. I heard this book recommended to a parent by a school counselor, which made me curious to check it out!
  • Parenting 4 Social Justice. I actually don’t have this one available via Audible, but I am loving reading the paperback copy I purchased on a whim months ago! It’s a great read so far, full of excellent food for thought. Just wish I had a few parent friends to book club it with!
  • We Want To Do More Than Survive. I am book clubbing this one with a friend of mine and really enjoying it so far.

These books will, as always, be mixed in with fiction. Next up are State Of Wonder by Ann Patchett and The Maidens by Alex Michaelides. Happy summer reading to all!

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