Currently: July 2021

Currently reading:

My reading pace has slowed down a little these past few weeks. I finally finished Do Right By Me by Valerie I. Harrison and Kathryn Peach D’Angelo – such a great read and resource. I also finished The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. Currently I am reading Run by Ann Patchett, We Want To Do More Than Survive by Bettina Love, and Parenting 4 Social Justice by Angela Berkfield.

Currently listening to:

I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of the book Playful Mindfulness, as well as the audiobooks versions of Run and We Want To Do More Than Survive.

Currently watching:

The early seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Oh, my gosh, that show is so funny! I’m watching this a little too much lately – definitely interfering with my audiobook time – but I had completely forgotten how much I love it, and it’s been awesome to revisit.

Currently the boys:

WILL NOT STOP WRESTLING. It’s non-stop, and someone almost always ends up in tears. They are obsessed. Trying to savor the rare moments when they’re playing with something semi-calmly. Edgar is really into taking cardboard boxes and turning them into something else – he made a rocket ship and a toy store with a parking lot, most recently. They’ve also re-engaged with the Toy Story franchise, so Buzz and Woody are frequently being wrestled over lately.

Currently grateful for:

Transferring to a new school! In September, I’ll start at a new elementary school. I’m so excited to be working with younger kids again, and I’m grateful, as always, for the energy I get with a fresh start.

Currently psyched about:

Edgar’s 5th birthday TOMORROW!

Currently looking forward to:

Relaxed summer mornings with no rush to go anywhere or do anything. Whether it’s during our camping trips or just during my time at home with the boys, I am really looking forward to that. I’d like to go for longer runs, strengthen my morning routine, and steal an hour (or two!) of reading before the boys wake up.

Happy, happy July!

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