5 Things I’m Grateful For (June 2021)

So much to be grateful for.

  1. Our camping weekend in Assoteague! We had such a great time camping at the beach. We saw wild ponies, we semi-successfully slept in our tent for two nights, and we frolicked on the beach. Edgar was really excited at high tide, when a little river was formed up on the shore that he could “swim” in. Jonas literally squealed when he saw the ocean and did not stop moving for one second – running into the waves, running back out, over and over and over.
  2. Our camping weekend at Genesee Valley, the place where Tamara and I met. So fun to be there and to be with friends.
  3. Reading Dragon Masters with Edgar. We’ve been reading chapter books for a little while, and I’ve really enjoyed that. This new series – the Dragon Masters books by Tracey West – has been the best so far. I think they’re the best because a) Edgar has been really into dragons and dinosaurs lately, and b) there are illustrations on every page of the book. When we’ve read the Magic Treehouse books, Edgar starts to try to turn the page to the next illustration – in that series, there are pictures every 2-3 pages.
  4. The books of Ann Patchett and Kristin Hannah. Loving every single one I’ve read recently.
  5. SUMMERTIME! Oh, my goodness, am I glad it’s summertime!

Happy June!

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