Reflections + Intentions

It’s the last day of a long, crazy school year as I type this. I am so excited for two months of vacation, swimming, beach, adventure, quiet, and family time.

A few reflections:

  • It’s been a challenging and unique school year. It felt long and short, hectic and tedious, calm and crazy.
  • It’s been a year of feeling guilty. When I was working remotely, it was about feeling guilty for not working when I was home with my boys, and then feeling guilty when I was working because I wasn’t giving them my full attention.
  • It’s been a year of mega multi-tasking – always doing multiple things at once, always juggling, never fully present anywhere.
  • The end of this year is also the end of my three years at my current school. In the fall, I’ll be switching to an elementary school closer to home. I am so, so excited for the change – and yet, so sad to leave my current co-workers and students.
  • I feel exhausted. I often do, at times like this. The last few weeks of the school year were a sprint to get everything done in time. When I walked out the door today, I was completely done – everything filed, everything signed, every e-mail addressed. I’m a little in disbelief that I am actually all done. Can I relax? Can I actually feel comfortable with the fact that I did everything I needed to do and can now fully focus on being present with my family and enjoying my summer?

A few intentions:

  • This summer, I am striving to do one thing at a time, fully. Especially when I’m with my boys. The OPPOSITE of remote learning multi-tasking.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to reset family routines, rhythms, and rituals, without the burden of work/life exhaustion getting in the way.
  • The summertime for me is always a great time for a reset – a reset of my exercise routine, my reading habits, my eating habits. Today, I am exhausted. I’m hoping that after a week of work-stress-free living, I’ll be feeling renewed and refreshed.

Happy official summertime to all! May we spend this season doing whatever we do to feel rested and rejuvenated.

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