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Currently: June 2021

Currently reading:

I’m on a fantastic reading kick lately. Currently, I’m still in the middle of Do Right By Me by Valerie I. Harrison and Kathryn Peach D’Angelo; it’s great, but I keep getting distracted by gorgeous novels. I am halfway through How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue, and I am re-obsessed with Ann Patchett after finally reading The Dutch House. Additionally, The Four Winds was incredible, so I definitely am planning to try out a few more Kristin Hannah titles as soon as possible. It feels wonderful to be in such a good reading place, after experiencing a bit of a reading rut in March/April.

Currently listening to:

I’ve been listening to the audiobook versions of whatever novel I’m currently reading – that way, I can continue “reading” while I commute to work or clean up the kitchen. I also have been stayed devoted to the podcasts Slate Political Gabfest, The Girl Next Door, and The Mom Hour.

Currently watching:

Early seasons of The Big Bang Theory – hilarious. I’ve seen the series up until Season 9, and at some point I want to catch up on the last three seasons, but the early seasons are solid gold. In little kid land, we’ve watched Wall-E recently and the boys have had a revived interest in the Toy Story franchise.

Currently the boys are:

Wrestling nonstop, and it’s driving me NUTS. Especially since it almost always ends in tears eventually. day when it’s 65 degrees or warmer. Edgar plays blissfully and Jonas hangs in there until his teeth start to chatter.

Currently grateful for:

THE LIBRARY BEING OPEN FOR BROWSING! Edgar and I dropped in last Saturday and we were both so excited. I basked in the joy of just being in the room full of books, and Edgar grabbed every book with a truck, boat, dragon, or dinosaur on it to check out. (He also found two Curious George books and Jojo and the Magic Trick for his little brother to read.) I love how excited he was when we got home, to show off his books and to read them all. I’ve kept a steady flow of children’s books coming through the house for the past year, thanks to the library’s curbside pick-up, but it made such a difference for Edgar to be able to take the books off the shelf all by himself.

Currently looking forward to:

Our camping trip! We’re camping for two weekends in June and then going on our big trip to the Ozarks – almost two full weeks! – after school is out. I am so excited for it. Please send prayers that our kids figure out reeeal quick how to settle and sleep in a tent!

Happy, happy June! We all deserve an exceptional summer this year. Let’s make it happen!

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