GTDI2021: Connection + Community

It’s been energizing to write and publish posts about my 2021 goals this spring. This will likely be the last post in my Getting Things Done In 2021 (GTDI2021) series, and it’s an important one.

When I started wrapping my brain around the different goals and intentions I wanted to set for myself, I organized them into these separate categories – and ultimately, into a separate blog post for each category.

I started with the Big Five – the five high priority goals I want to achieve this year. Then I set some goals/intentions in the areas of kid routines + rituals, unimportant #mind goals (crossword puzzles and lots o’reading!), and writing.

After these four posts, I found that there were a few things left over that were hard to categorize. There were goals I had related to educating myself, contributing to my community, connecting with family and friends, and other things. They’re not specific, or measurable. But they are important intentions, and I want to make note of them as we creep closer to a return to semi-normalcy.

  1. Be connected. Make play dates with friends and family, and get comfortable with being out and about in the community again. Make phone calls, text, send photos, send packages.
  2. Be informed. Finish reading Do Right By Me and start reading We Want To Do More Than Survive. Either listen to a news podcast (Crooked Media or NPR) every day or check the NPR app every day. I’ve been avoiding social media, which has been HEAVENLY – but I do notice that staying away from Facebook/Instagram sometimes means I’m not in the know about what’s happening in the world. Hoping that the daily podcasts help!
  3. Be of service to others. Stay connected and engaged with SURJ and accountability partners. Attend AA meetings and help others.
  4. Be intentional. Write your intentions for the week every Sunday. (Look out for a post about my new intentions routine soon!)

WHEW. That’s it. That’s all the stuff I want to get done in 2021. Stay tuned for my new monthly goals check-in, when I’ll get real about what’s getting done and (let’s be real) what’s not. Happy spring!

Photo by Linda Eller-Shein on Pexels.com

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