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Adorable Things My Kids Are Up To Lately

My sons, Edgar and Jonas, are 4 and 2 years old right now, and those are pretty great ages when it comes to doing adorable things. Here are some of my favorites lately:

  • Edgar announcing something we forgot to do. Every night at dinner, we say things we’re thankful for, write them on a post-it note, and put the post-its in a Mason jar. Edgar always remembers this ritual, which is great for me, since I love rituals but often forget to do them. He often announces, “We forgot to say what we’re thankful for!” However, often he’ll announce that immediately after our blessing – sooooo, we didn’t actually forget yet, we just haven’t started it yet. He does this with other routines, too, but this occurrence is my favorite.
  • Jonas making sure we’re okay. Every time Tamara or I stumble or bump into something (happens to me more than it should), Jonas stops whatever he’s doing and asks, “Are you okay, Mom?” in his amazing two-year-old voice. SO. FREAKING. SWEET.
  • Edgar’s letter to Santa. This is a bit of a throwback, but during Christmas 2020, Edgar “wrote” a four page scribble letter to Santa. He would not tell anyone what it said; just left it out by the milk and cookies. He also wrote two scribble letters to Santa before Christmas, and again wouldn’t share what they said. It was adorable. I was slightly worried he’d sent a secret message to Santa that would result in disappointment on Christmas, but everything on the holiday was just perfect.
  • On my birthday, the kids sang happy birthday to me at every meal we ate that day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks, and cake. Amazing.
  • Edgar has always been great at independent play. He’ll get lost in his own thoughts, playing with a small toy or two, and we’ll hear him quietly talking to himself. I love it. I can hear him telling himself stories or acting out a book we’ve read or a movie he’s watched. He likes to tell us that he’s making a show or telling a story.
  • Jonas doing EVERY SINGLE THING THAT Edgar does. EVERYTHING! If Edgar gets a tissue, Jonas gets one. If Edgar drops something, Jonas drops it. If Edgar starts whining that he’s tired, Jonas – all smiles, because he is NOT tired – will start whining as well. Love this when it works to our advantage – do NOT love it when it involves a real 4yo meltdown followed by a fake 2yo meltdown.
  • Edgar asking, “Cam I do this every day?” Edgar’s been learning to do lots of new things, big and small. Opening the latch on his blue boat toy, riding his pedal bike. Whenever he learns to do something new, he asks, “Can I do this every day?” When I tell him that yes, he can, he gets the sweetest, tiniest smile on his face.
  • Edgar’s great ideas. likes to tell us, “I have a great idea!” The other day, he was holding a small red dragon, and e, “I have a great idea! We can build a new dragon toy.” saying, I habve a great idea. said, i want to bnuiold a new dragon – so that he would not have to share the pone in his hand with his little brother.
  • Once we started having warmer days, I told the boys they could take off their shoes while we played in the backyard. Edgar’s eyes LIT UP. He kicked off his shoes. He then repeatedly told me “I love being barefoot!” the whole time we were outside playing.
  • The two of them like to make up games. One of the games, called “Pop!”, involves them running across the yard or the basement screaming “POP!!!” at the top of their lungs. “Egg!” is a variation.
  • Hide-and-seek. Playing hide-and-seek at these ages is the best. They’re not very good at it yet, but they LOVE it. Our fave way to play is me hiding in the living room, and the two of them count to ten in Edgar’s room. Then they come find me and shriek with fear and joy when they find me. Then I run into Edgar’s room and hide there. We go back and forth like that for a while. Sometimes they take a while to find me, because they’re having so much fun being silly and pretending to be scared, which means I can bring my book to my hiding place and read two or three pages without being interrupted. Amazing.
  • They are both really into writing and drawing lately. They each have a “writing book” and they like to bring them with them wherever they go. Love this SO MUCH.

I plan to do posts like this occasionally; at these ages, there are so many sweet and amazing things every day, and I want to remember as much as I can.

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