GTDI2021: The Big Five Goals

Last week, I wrote a post about setting new goals for 2021.

The thing is – during January and February of 2021, I didn’t feel like getting things done. I was in survival mode. We were cooped up inside, I was sick of the winter cold, and I was ready for spring.

Now – it is freaking SPRING, and with it has come the motivation I’ve been missing. The kind of motivation you need to set goals and get things done.

When I started thinking about goals, and getting overwhelmed, I realized that I needed to put my Big Rocks in first, a la Dr. Stephen R. Covey. (Ironically, Dr. Covey is actually the source of this blog’s original theme of balancing heart, soul, mind, and body! Smart dude.) So I wrote a big list of goals. Then I crossed out goals that were less of a priority. Then I reviewed the list, and did it again and again – until I came up with these five goals for myself for 2021.

  1. Finish a draft of a novel.
  2. Run five miles without walking – regularly.
  3. Stop using headphones at bedtime.
  4. Zero input and zero multi-tasking. (Progress not perfection!)
  5. Start regular routines for yoga + strength training.

My rule for this list was that it needed to be short (easy enough to be able to remember all five) and manageable (these are ALL doable, though several – looking at you, 2 and 3! – are daunting). I know I can accomplish these five things – but I also know I will NOT accomplish them unless I make them each a priority.

Cheers to Getting (BIG) Things Done In 2021!

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

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