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Currently: April 2021

Currently reading:

This month, I finished The House of Silk and Moriarty, both by Anthony Horowitz, both Sherlock Holmes-themed novels. Currently I’m reading A Study in Scarlet Women – also a Sherlock Holmes adaptation! I’m on a Holmes kick at the moment. Prior to these, I read Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering, which was a great page turner.

Currently listening to:

A lot of podcasts! I’ve been trying to zero in and get caught up on my favorites – Pod Save America, The Girl Next Door, The Mom Hour, and NPR Politics.

Currently watching:

I got on a kick of watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and it’s been delightful. Enough time has passed that they feel new and extraordinarily hilarious. I also have been watching a few episodes of This Is Us – I think I stopped watching that show, last time around, at the beginning of the second season, and after it was recommended by another thousand people, I decided to give it another try.

Currently the boys are:

They like to pack up their backpacks and pretend they’re going to school or on a trip. They also are really into drawing and writing – they each have a “writing book” that they like to bring with them wherever we go. (THAT is a true sign of my influence!)

Currently grateful for:

SPRING! Warm weather, the spring equinox, and spring break!

Currently looking forward to:

I am getting so excited for our summer road trip and for lazy summer days at the new swim club we joined.

Happy April!

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