Wow (Intentions for the Return to Somewhat Normal)

It’s March 16, 2021, as I write this. This week is my first week back in the middle school building where I work in a year.

This week feels big – a huge step toward a return to semi-normalcy. I’ve received the COVID vaccine, as have many of my family members and friends. We’re still wearing masks, and we’re all still being careful to socially distance. But it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, for sure.

I love being a social worker, but I’m extremely sad to be returning to work. I have loved working remotely and having so much time with the boys. I’ve loved the flexibility of it. The thought of putting on real pants and leaving the house every day is exhausting to me.

That said, this feels like a fresh start – a “new year” at a time that’s not usually a new year’s resolution kind of time. I feel energized by the warm weather and optimistic about nearing (hopefully, hopefully, please) the end of the pandemic. It’s a good time to set a few intentions for myself as I return to semi-normal work life.

  1. Zero multi-tasking. For a year, I’ve been juggling working from home with caring for the boys. I have often felt pulled in several different directions. I love being at home; I don’t love having the lines blurred between work time and non-work time. So one of my intentions for this return to normalcy is to eliminate multi-tasking.
  2. Maintain the good habits. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve maintained several good routines – daily running/walking, three AA meetings a week, and a semi-tidy household. I want to keep up these habits as we shift back into normal mode.
  3. Healthy eating. My pandemic diet has been far from perfect – but, it has been convenient to have my entire kitchen available to me when I’m trying to make a healthy eating choice. Really would like to maintain a healthy-ish diet as I return to semi-normal work life.
  4. Stay grounded. I’ve known this previously, but during the pandemic it’s become even clearer – I am grounded by running, writing, and reading. I need to run (almost) every day, I need to write (almost) every day, and I need a good book within my reach at all times. If I don’t have these three things, I feel off and not like myself.

I’ll add to this if I think of anything new this week – because, really, it’s hard to even remember what intentions I NEED to set, after a year of COVID life! Cheers to the return of semi-normalcy – the good, the less good, and the all of it.

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

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