all the things

Currently: March 2021

Currently reading:

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas – contains many of my favorite fiction elements, including a mysterious school, lots of suspense, and an intriguing main character. I finished Moonflower Murders recently, the sequel to Anthony Horowitz’s Magpie Murders, and it was fantastic.

Currently listening to:

So many audiobooks! I have a million on my phone right now, and I’ve been switching around according to my mood between Save The Cat Writes A Novel by Jessica Brody, Screenwise by Devorah Heitner, Living In Flow by Sky Nelson-Isaacs, and You, Your Child, and School by Sir Ken Robinson.

Currently watching:

Not much, really. Our only true family movie night (everyone snuggled up together watching) was for the Brandy/Whitney Houston version of Cinderella, which was nostalgic bliss for me. The boys spent the new few days dressing up as princesses following our viewing and it was delightful.

Currently the boys are:

Really into playing out scenes from their fave movie Onward and loving all forms of indoor messy sensory play – oobleck, rainbow rice, play dough, cloud dough, etc. Edgar has been super into riding his “pedal bike.” We’ve also gone sledding a few times and that has been great fun for all!

Currently grateful for:

The snow in all its gorgeousness, and the creeping approach of spring!

Currently looking forward to:

Did I mention spring? So excited for warmer weather, spring break, a great month of writing, and a summer road trip we’ve been planning, Stay tuned!

Happy March!

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