5 Things I’m Grateful For (January 2021)

The winter cold has been really getting to me, and my creativity and my energy are pretty low lately.

And yet, I continue to be incredibly grateful for my blessings, humongous and tiny.

  1. Our evening gratitude practice. Every night at dinner, we go around the table and share something we’re thankful for. I often forget, but Edgar rarely does. It’s a sweet and lovely ritual, and the answers are amazing. Jonas often says either “baby lighthouses” (I do not know) or “berries.” One night, I was grateful for cheese, Jonas for chips, Tamara for ripe avocadoes, and Edgar for nachos. Many times, one or more of us has expressed gratitude for Edgar’s pre-school program at Irvine Nature Center. The teachers are wonderful, the outdoor classroom is incredible, and Edgar just loves it; it’s been so great for him to get some time to connect with others and learn after so many months at home. Jonas also loves it because there’s a big taxidermy bear wearing a mask right by the entrance to the bathroom. So, blessings for everyone. And I love that our gratitude practice helps us remember these things.
  2. My birthday gift from Tamara – a Nespresso machine! My sister has had one for years, and I’m so grateful for this present. It’s actually, ironically, helping me to drink less caffeine and to enjoy my morning coffee more.
  3. SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. This month, I read the YA mystery trilogy Truly Devious, the novel A Good Neighborhood, and The Midnight Library – all great reads.
  4. Telling Edgar “once upon a time” stories – basically, stories that we make up, either just Mommy or Edgar and Mommy together. Often we do this at bedtime and the story will include little details from our day. It is sweet and wonderful.
  5. Jonas’s super strong hugs. Jo Jo has been frustrating us a little at bedtime – taking a long time to wind down, coming out of his room over and over. Luckily, one part of his bedtime routine is asking to give me a hug and then pulling me down, practically on top of him, and hugging me super-tightly around my neck. It seems to help him relax and settle a little, and it is an A+ hug.

Happy January, everyone! Edgar chose the photo for this post. Enjoy!

Photo by Andre Estevez on

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