Monthly Mantra: Enjoy It All (Again)

I have a little apprehension coming into January 2021. I am fairly certain my school will return to in-person learning later this month. It’s what needs to happen for our students, for sure. But I have loved working remotely and I’ll miss it a lot.

That’s why my mantra for this month is going to be the same as my October mantra: enjoy it all.

I really want to remember how happy I am to be working remotely and getting so much time with my little ones. Whenever I have to return to the school building, I want to do it full of all the energy and joy I’ve stored up thanks to these months at home with my family.

I’m so grateful – for my slowly-building private telehealth practice, for the chance to go for a run in the middle of a busy day, for zero commute, for getting to pick Edgar up from school, for flexibility. And I’m going to enjoy all of it so that I can get back to school feeling refreshed and ready.

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