It’s 11 a.m. on my 38th birthday, and I am eating a leftover Christmas morning cinnamon roll in a quiet house. Tamara took the boys out for an extremely cold bike ride so I could have a little time to write.

Last year, I got into a little funk on my birthday. I felt plagued by dreams not yet pursued. And I am largely in the same place, related to my writing goals and my career. Not 100% satisfied with my day job. Not finished with my novel draft.

Maybe I’ll get into a funk about these things next week, but right now, I’m simply grateful and pumped. Grateful for all that I have. Grateful for everything 2020 has given me – connection to my community, education and opportunities for activism, and so much precious time with my little family. Pumped because my birthday comes at a great time of year for clean slates and intention setting.

I’ll write more about some of my resolutions for 2021 in other posts, but the things I am contemplating today as I reflect are:

  • How can I help my family and my friends to feel special all year long? How can I stay connected with family/friends/community?
  • How can I optimize my bedtime routine? (Still falling asleep in my clothes. LOL but also would love to change this up!)
  • How can I maintain writing as a priority, and adapt my routine when responsibilities and schedules shift like they did this year?
  • How can I be fully present and mindful in my day-to-day life?

These are always the questions; these are the best questions. The answers shift, but the intention behind the questions remains the same.

There’s a carrot cake being assembled by two boys (with assistance) in the kitchen. Tamara got me a Nespresso machine for my birthday (!!!) and she’s going to help me learn to use my sewing machine as a bonus gift during the boys’ naptime. It’s a pandemic birthday, hopefully the only one I ever have, and it’s pretty all right.

Happy birthday to me! Happy day of resolutions, commitments, family, and love.

Photo by spemone on Pexels.com

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