5 Things I’m Grateful For (December 2020)

This is a time of year that is usually great for my writing. I love to reflect on the year, and I love setting intentions for the year to come.

And, as always, I love writing my monthly gratitude list.

  • THE HOLIDAY SEASON AND ALL THE MERRY. Today is December 22nd, and I am just incredibly grateful for the holiday season this year. My family celebrates Christmas, primarily, and I have just leaned in to holiday festivities with all my energy and spirit. It has been lovely, and just the pick-me-up I needed. (See my post about taking merry to the next level here!)
  • SNOW! We had the first snow of the season on December 16, and it was a good snow – about eight inches deep. It came at just the right moment, when many people (myself included) have been feeling the weight of rising COVID numbers and increasingly cold weather. This was Jonas’s first time experiencing snow, and he was in love. (For ten minutes, and then he wanted to go inside to warm up his cold little hands!)
  • The adorable things my kids are doing lately. They make up games, like “Pop” and “Egg” – the rules are ambiguous, the fun is non-stop. They get magically, wondrously excited about the snow. They sometimes hide somewhere in the basement and I don’t even know they’re hiding until I wander downstairs and they jump out at me. (Like, how long were they snuggled together behind the couch?! Could be one minute – might have been ten!)
  • The approach of the new year. I am not really in the “Screw 2020” camp – it’s been a tough year, but nothing’s going to magically shift when the calendar changes from December 31 to January 1, related to COVID-19, ransomware hackers (long story, google Baltimore County), travel, etc. But I love a new year and the blank canvas it provides.
  • The little things. This year, a lot of the big things I’m grateful for haven’t been possible. I’ve found a lot of solace in the littlest things. Picking a tiny sprig of lavender and enjoying the smell. Adding songs I love to an Alexa playlist. Giving myself the gift of zero input (more on that later) by setting my phone aside for minutes or hours so that I can be fully present. My sweet and simply wonderful Christmas tree. Any and all of the tiny joys that make me smile.

Happy holidays to all! May your days be merry and bright and oh-so-awesome.

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