Sunday Morning Writing Forever

The Sunday before the start of school, Tamara gave me the gift of a morning by myself to write. She took the boys to the Gunpowder River for a hike and a swim, and I sat down of my bed with my laptop to reflect on my summer and the general status of my 2020 life.


It’s crazy to look back at things I wrote in December 2019 and January 2020 – at the intentions I set for this year. Who could have possibly known what was to come in 2020? The challenges we’d all be facing? The ways this year would be unlike any other?

When I reflect on my current status, I’m happy with how things are going in every area of my life – except my writing. I didn’t meet any of my goals related to writing this summer, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that. There was a lot happening this summer, and either my writing plans weren’t realistic or I just wasn’t diligent about sticking to them. I’d planned to write every morning and every naptime, and it just didn’t happen. I spent a lot of naptimes either reading books, talking to friends, tidying (more on this at some point), or completing tasks related to community work or private practice. (More on PP at some point, too!) I’ve had moments where I questioned myself – am I procrastinating? Am I lacking faith in my ability, and thus developing reasons to not write? Every time I asked these questions, I was able to reassure myself and say: Writing is STILL a goal. There are just other things on my plate right now, and they’re really important, too.

The school year has started. Usually, for me, this is a transition to the time of year when I write less. I’m busier, and it’s harder to find the time to get it done. I’m hoping to pull a rabbit out of a hat this year, and actually shift into writing more. The only way that can really happen is if I a) get back to waking up at 4 a.m. and b) schedule a couple of Sunday Morning Writing times every month with Tamara. I can do both of those things. I’ve been able to do the 4 a.m. wake-up a few times over the past two weeks, and I have a plan for Sunday Morning Writing later in September.

But, I also recognize that it’s possible life will settle into place, and I’ll realize that I can’t do as much writing as I’d like to. And that’ll be okay, too. My three top priorities, as always, are family, service, and writing. If the first two overpower the third sometimes – then it is what it is.

That said – I made the most of my Sunday Morning Writing time the weekend before school started. I wrote a batch of blog posts and scheduled them for throughout September. I feel really good about switching to just posting once a week; though I never think of the blog as something I “have to” do, it felt discouraging this summer not to meet my personal goal of posting twice a week. Writing the batch of blog posts felt really good. This blog is, as always, the place I come to when I’m processing my life and making sense of the world around me. I always feel better when I’m blogging regularly.

Cheers to Sunday Morning Writing, and to slowing it all down this September. Happy almost fall, everyone!

autumn fall forest leaves
Photo by Picography on Pexels.com



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