Weird New Year

It’s naptime, and my boys are sleeping. It’s a stormy Saturday, and I’m enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof. Well, it’s making me want to take a nap, sort of, but I haven’t had much time to write lately, so I’m powering through. (For the moment.)

As I write this, the start of the 2020/2021 school year is two days away. I have butterflies about what this year is going to be like. It’s such an odd start to the year; I won’t resume my daily commute, and I won’t get the chance to catch up with co-workers in the hallways of our school. I won’t get that much more Adult Time than I’ve had over the summer. Edgar is starting an outdoor pre-school in a couple of weeks, and I’m excited and nervous about that; he’s had so much time at home with me this spring and summer that I’m a little worried the transition will be challenging.

I also am experiencing some nervousness about how all the different things I’ve been involved in over the summer, and how they’ll all fit into my regular-ish work/life routine.

And, to be honest – I’m a little sad about the Didn’t Get To Do’s of this summer. We missed out on a beach vacation because of a tropical storm, and we spent little time at the beach, which is usually the highlight of my summer. We didn’t get to do too many fun or unusual things, or even get to see that many family or friends. There is so much I’m grateful for – my family and my friends are healthy, we’ve so far been relatively untouched by COVID-19, and it’s really been just a lovely summer at home with my boys.

But – it’s just a tiny bummer to be starting the school year feeling like we didn’t all get the rich, fulfilling, novel, and refreshing summer that we sometimes get. Definitely #firstworldproblems – but I think it’s healthy and okay to acknowledge the little disappointments that we’re all experiencing right now, even the ones that are minuscule in the Big Picture of 2020 life.

That said – one of the consistent things about me is that I always love a fresh start. And a new school year is certainly that. I’m excited to get better at teletherapy, to re-connect with my students, and to appropriately incorporate some of the social justice work I’ve been doing into my day job.

I’m also excited to get back to a regular writing routine. That sounds a little funny, coming off of My Summer Of Not Much Writing. But Tamara’s work is slowing down now, and the start of the school year might be a good opportunity for me to stop staying up late and get back to my morning writing routine.

So much is happening; life is busy and full right now. More to come. Happy September!

dried leaves on brown wooden table
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

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