Changing It Up

My blogging schedule has been really off this summer. My schedule for writing fiction has been even worse. 

So recently, I made a decision. I’m going to change my expectation of myself related to blogging. and I’m going to aim to just publish one post per week instead of two. I feel really good about this; it’ll give me a little more space to write fiction and to pursue other writing opportunities that have come up.

This possibility hadn’t really occurred to me until last weekend. I was bemoaning how little fiction writing I’ve managed to get done this summer, and how off my blogging productivity has been lately. Then I realized – no one is pressuring me to post on the blog twice a week. I also realized – I’m not posting twice a week, and I feel just a tiny bit like I’ve failed at something whenever I don’t meet that personal goal.

It feels like a good time to adjust expectations and set new intentions. This month, I am acutely aware of the school year approaching (first day is 8/31), and of the need for a new balance. There’s family, writing, private practice (!!!), household tasks (more on that soon), baby steps in the area of community organizing and social justice (more on that later!), mindfulness work, and, of course, the day job.


And yet, there’s time for all of it.

Looking forward to blogging with less frequency, but, perhaps, with increased intentionality. Cheers to August, and cheers to my air conditioning being fixed today!

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