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August 2020: Keep It Simple

So it’s August. Yikes!

I love August, and it’s still summertime. But there’s something about changing the calendar from July to August. It’s a sad moment – a sign that the school year and regular fall/winter/spring life is going to return.

That said – what is “regular life” anymore? For me, it means the return of my day job. And that will definitely be challenging. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my job will be virtual until January 2021.  I’ll continue to do teletherapy with my students, and I’m hoping that I can continue to learn and grow in that area. I’ll be working from home, which means more time with my kids. That helps me, when it comes to the sadness of summer ending, because the hardest thing for me about the school year starting is adjusting to less time with my children.

The start of the school year is still a few weeks away. But I’m definitely thinking about it. My planned theme for August 2020 was Habits, Simplifying, and Adulting. Now, let’s be real – my themes have sort of been all over the place this year. Last month, I completely abandoned my theme of Traditions, Celebrations, and Rituals; in fact, my entire blogging schedule went totally off the rails in July and August.

I’ve decided that simplifying might be exactly what I need for August 2020. In fact, that thought also led me to think about what I want to do with themes moving forward, and I started brainstorming and getting carried away. (More on that later.) But for this month, my mantra has been (and continues to be): keep it simple. 

I’m not going to make a list of goals to go with my mantra for this month. I don’t have any big goals this month; I am very much taking everything one day at a time. Doing so is helping me to stay relaxed and present, and I’m grateful for that.



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