Wrapping Up June 2020

What a strange time we’re living in.

I don’t know about you, but anytime someone asks me How are you?, I feel like laughing. How am I? How are any of us? We’re fine, except for COVID and civil unrest and the glaring uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring.

That said, I’ve been happy with my June 2020 goals. I had three goals for this month:

  • Make a concrete and realistic plan for summer writing.
  • Set a goal – including word count – for summer writing.
  • Make a summer bucket list.

My bucket list is drafted, but not quite finished. Let’s be honest – it’s not as wild and crazy as I would have hoped. It’s simple, and sweet, and I’ll share it soon.

My goal for summer writing, currently, is to write 500 words every day during the boys’ nap. I actually think I’ll raise that word goal eventually, but for right now, it feels good – I hit the mark with relative ease and I can even get it done on days when there are a lot of other things on my list of things to do. If I keep to 500 words a day, that means a total of 30,000 words for the summer.

Now, I would really like to finish a draft of the main novel I am writing this summer – but I’ve been skipping around a little and working on other fiction projects. So I’d say my summer writing goals are:

-Write fiction (500 words) every day.

-Finish a draft of my primary novel, word count irrelevant. (I imagine it will be about 50,000 words.)

I really liked using the mid month check-in to keep my monthly goal(s) front and center, and I’ll try that again for July.

Cheers to a summer that is cozy, pleasant, productive, and progressive. I’ll be phone banking (or something similar) for the Democrats for the 2020 election – I’ll be working with a social justice group (more on that at some point) – I’ll be reading and learning – and I’ll be writing my little heart out. Happy July, everyone!

flower in black background
Photo by Jeremias Müller on Pexels.com


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