5 Things I’m Grateful For (June 2020)

So much to be grateful for.

  1. So grateful to be done (for now?) with working from home while parenting. It was a ton of multi-tasking, which wasn’t good for me. My phone was always in my hand because of work. So then, even when I wasn’t working, I’d find myself getting the boys busy with an activity and then scrolling social media or texting. For the summer, I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep my phone in another room (or inside the house while we play outside) so that I am not constantly checking it out of habit.
  2. After George Floyd was murdered, a friend of mine shared info on Facebook about SURJ. It’s a group called Standing Up For Racial Justice that works to undermine white supremacy and to work toward racial justice through community organizing, mobilizing, and education. I’ve attended a few meetings and am exploring ways I can contribute and learn and be involved. I’m grateful to have found the group; it’s helping me to feel more engaged and knowledgeable, and it’s been a way to “do something” at an incredibly important moment in our country’s racial history.
  3. The library! Baltimore County Public Library is now offering curbside pick-up. Edgar, Jonas, and I drive to the parking lot, call the library, and a librarian brings our books out to our car. Which leads to the extremely awkward issue of me having to apologize because someone other than me has to carry the 35 library books I requested out to my car. After months of reading ebooks, it feels so good to have a hard copy of a novel in my hands.
  4. Edgar has developed this sweet habit. Several times each day, he’ll just randomly look at me, smile, and say, “I love you, Mommy.” It melts my heart. Sometimes he’ll take it further, grab my arm, and hug it and say, “I LOVE THIS ARM SO MUCH.” Which is just as sweet in its delivery but also hilarious.
  5. My boys and books. If you sit on my living room couch and start reading a book, particularly if it’s a book he knows and loves, Edgar will come running from wherever he is in the house to curl up next to you and listen. It is lovely. And Jonas, who was not always eager to sit and listen to a book when he was a baby, will now sit through stories that are meant for kids his big brother’s age. Jonas’s current fave is Do Not Bring Your Dragon To The Library by Julie Glassman, which is great because I love it, too, and therefore don’t mind reading it six times in a row.

It does feel odd, to publish a gratitude list right now. I’m angry about a lot of things. I sometimes get annoyed when I see any content or post right now that’s not related to the civil rights movement currently happening in our country.

But I’m also very aware that practicing gratitude helps me to sustain the energy and clarity that I need to be useful, to the movement, to my family, and to myself.

So I’ll be grateful – and I’ll keep learning, working, and fighting. Happy June.

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