June 2020: Summertime Planning

Laugh out loud. LOL. That is all I want to do every time the first of the month comes around.

For my 2020 happiness project, my plan was that on the first of every month, I would write a post based on a theme for the month. The monthly theme would be tied to certain personal goals for the month, too. Then, my subsequent posts would fit that theme.

That entire project was pretty much a bust. Too ambitious, maybe? It also doesn’t seem to work great for me to utilize themes, as much as I’d like to operate that way. And, though I write down goals for each month and have a plan for themed posts, I usually forget about all of it ten days into the month and then don’t remember until I’m ready to write the next month’s first post.

I still love the idea of having a regular routine for the first post of every month. I really enjoy making the last post of the month a short ‘n’ sweet gratitude list. I am contemplating different ways to handle the first monthly post. For June, I’m going to do what I’ve been doing so far in 2020. I have one little idea for improving my attention to the theme and goals, so I’ll give that a try this month. But I’m thinking I’ll probably once again be laughing at my lack of progress come July 2020.

For June, I am once again abandoning my planned theme – traditions, celebrations, and rituals – to choose a different focus: summertime.

It’s June 2nd today. That means exactly three weeks from now, my summer vacation from work will officially start.

Right now, I am working from home and my boys are with me all day every day. So the summertime won’t be drastically different than now. BUT I won’t be juggling working from home with caring for the boys, and I’ll have nap time every day to write. (I currently use nap time for my job; my work day sort of starts when the boys go down for nap and continues when Tamara gets home from work, except for morning meetings.)

My goals for this month are:

  • Make a concrete and realistic plan for summer writing.
  • Set a goal – including word count – for summer writing.
  • Make a summer bucket list.

There’s a lot of unknown right now. I want to make a summer bucket list, but I have no idea if the items on the list will even be an option to do! Just going to take all of it one day at a time. Happy summer dreaming to all!

macro photography of black sunglasses on sand
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com


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