5 Things I’m Grateful For (May 2020)

What. A. Month.

Here’s my gratitude list for May 2020:

  1. Great books to read. This month, I’ve read White Fragility, Eight Perfect Murders, The Holdout, and Darling Rose Gold – all fantastic reads.
  2. Spring! We’ve been going outside barefoot and in sweatshirts and it’s glorious.
  3. Rainy days. On the sunny and beautiful days, I am either gloriously happy and grateful – or, if I’m having an off day, I end up getting an attack of the “shoulds.” I should be outdoors all day. I should take the boys for a hike. Lately, when there’s a rainy day, it gives me the freedom to curl up with the two boys and watch a movie without the sunny day outside lookin’ in my window and just judging me.
  4. Ebooks. What would I do right now, with the library closed, without ebooks?! There were so many books that I had requested through the library months ago – physical copies of books – that I now can’t get access to. Luckily, I’ve been requesting copies of ebooks and miraculously getting the books pretty quickly. So grateful to be able to read the latest books published!
  5. These boys. It’s a crazy time, and things are hectic. But if there had to be a freaking global pandemic, I’m grateful that a side effect of it is a lot of extra time with my boys while they’re oh-so-little.

I am all the things – grateful, stressed, worried, scared, happy, peaceful, content. And it’s all okay. And whatever you’re feeling?  That’s okay too. Cheers to May and to a beautiful June coming our way later this week!

wood light vacation picnic
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