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Edgar’s Faves (Best Books for an Almost 4-Year-Old)

It’s been a long time since I wrote about Edgar and Jonas’s favorite books. My last post was over a year ago in January 2019. Edgar was about two and a half years old, and Jonas was four months old.

It took a while for Jonas to love it, but now both of my boys love to curl up with books. They like different books, of course, so if we’re in the same room Tamara and I have to whisper so the storyline of Where Is Baby’s Valentine? doesn’t become entangled with Curious George Rides A Bike.

Edgar will come listen to any book you start to read, and I love that. One way to get him to come running across the house is to just start reading the first page of a book, especially a book he knows.

Here are some of his current faves:

EVERYTHING CURIOUS GEORGE. Curious George Goes To A Costume Party. Curious George Goes Fishing. Curious George and the Dump Truck. Or, “Regular Curious George,” which is what Edgar calls the original story of how George comes from the jungle to live in the same city as his friend, the man with the yellow hat. (I find this problematic, but we read the books anyway.) Edgar loves them all. A bonus is that, when things get quiet, Edgar sometimes start reciting the exact words to Curious George Rides A Bike or Curious George Flies A Kite to himself and it’s amazing.

What Do People Do All Day?, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, and others by Richard Scarry. Edgar loves these books, and I love them, too. They are huge and colorful and have so much happening – and yet, I don’t find them overwhelming at all, and there’s always something to look at and talk about on every page. We like Richard Scarry’s smaller books, too – A Day At The Fire Station is a hit.

Trucktown Race From A to Z. Such a random book. So problematic, plot-wise. But Edgar loves it. What can you do?

Everything Berenstain Bears!  Particularly When I Grow Up and Dinosaur Dig. Edgar seems to really enjoy a series lately.

Everything Winnie The Pooh and Cars. Thanks to COVID, we’ve had this one book – Cars 5-Minute Racing Stories, which is BASICALLY fan fiction about what Lightning McQueen and his friends do between movies – for at least three months at this point. Currently taking a break from it for the parents’ sake, but Edgar would read it All. Day. Every. Day.

Froggy Gets Dressed and others by Jonathan London. These books came from my mom’s extensive collection of children’s books from her career as a kindergarten teacher.

The Blue Ribbon Day by Katie Couric. This book was gifted to me during senior year of high school from my friend Melissa; I was a huge fan of children’s books AND Katie Couric. Edgar loves it. I love it, too. I really like books that tell a story and have a rhyme scheme – they’re interesting when I’m paying attention and I can be soothed by the rhythmic flow when I’m zoning out. (Just me? Sometimes I read an entire book and realize I haven’t been paying attention – like highway hypnosis for parents.)

Where Are You, Little Green Dragon? by Klaus Baumgart. This is a short, simple, and sweet book that’s just silly and fun. I won’t spoil it by sharing the plot.

Dazzle The Dinosaur by Marcus Pfister. This book may have come from my mom’s collection as well. It’s super fun – just a little dinosaur adventure story. A couple of scary dinosaurs included but they don’t seem to have bothered Edgar at all.

I am hoping to get back into the routine of posting our faves every few months. It’s a great way to capture this moment in our reading life. If it’s helpful to you, too, then that’s doubly wonderful!  Happy reading.

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