5 Things I’m Grateful For (April 2020)

Such a crazy time – but so much for me to be grateful for.

  1. Time at home with my family. I am so grateful that my boys are healthy and happy and that I get to be with them every day right now. There are health care workers who are currently quarantined from their kids; I can’t even imagine it. I’m praying for those families and I’m grateful to be with my children at this stressful time.
  2. Great books. Currently reading White Fragility and Moriarty and finished Magpie Murders and The Glass Hotel earlier this month, which were both excellent!
  3. My job. Never been more grateful to have a steady job and income.
  4. Fun activities to do with the boys. This month we made oobleck, bubble foamcloud dough, salt dough, and more. I love it. I’m not so much into “let’s sit down and make a butterfly out of a tissue paper and a clothespin”, but I do love following a recipe with the boys and making items to be used for sensory play.
  5. My healthy extended family.

I’m watching the news and I’m hearing stories about horrible things. I have friends who have lost loved ones. People are stressed and suffering and grieving and dying. Never a more important time to take stock and to be grateful.

pink white and red heart stone lot
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