The Writing Life

My only goals for March 2020 were:

  1. Resume my regular blogging schedule. ACCOMPLISHED.
  2. Set up a new (doable) creative writing routine.

I definitely accomplished the first goal – I’m back on track with several posts drafted and three scheduled, ready to be published.

For the second goal, I basically decide that:

  1. I HAVE to wake up (almost) every morning at 4 to write. This is, without a doubt, the best time of day for me to do this, and I really need to do it (almost) daily so that I can keep writing and maintain momentum.
  2. I need to pick at least three other times for writing sessions every week.

It’s not ideal – deciding when I can write on a weekly basis – but it’s the way it has to be at this time of life.

With the “New Normal” we’re currently experiencing in the United States and around the world, it’s possible I’ll be able to get a little more specific with my weekly writing times as I get more information about what my work is going to look like in the coming weeks and months.

For now, I’m just rolling with it. One day at a time.

I have been loving Jennie Nash’s Creative Live course (Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done), and continuing to feel stronger and more confident in my writing. But I’m not currently committed to a specific novel to focus on, and I need to commit and get writing. I am confident I’ll be able to commit and start focusing on one project by summertime.

I finished the Jennie Nash course today and immediately started listening to another Jennie Nash course called The Inside Outline, which she generously is offering for free this month as a gesture of good will and kindness during a crazy and chaotic time in the world. I’m finding her work incredibly helpful, and I feel really connected to my writing at this moment in a wonderful way.

One day at a time. Bird by bird, a la Anne Lamott. Let’s do this.

black and red typewriter
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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