Looking So Crazy Right Now

Wow. There’s a lot happening in the world right now.

I’m thankful that I don’t have any family members or friends currently impacted by coronavirus. I’m experiencing some anxiety about events around the country and the world.

But also – with schools being closed across Maryland, I suddenly have a full two weeks off from school.

It’s a weird thing – being anxious and scared while also being excited and relieved. I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out at work. And while I would absolutely prefer that there were not a national health crisis happening, I am going to do my best to take advantage of these two weeks.

I want to exercise.

I want to be present, playful, and peaceful with my boys.

I want to go on mini outdoor adventures. (Easy to accomplish since everything else is unavailable at the moment!)

I want to be productive. I want to make a to-do list with Tamara and get things done around the house that need doing.

I want to rest. I’ve recently found myself caught back up in a cycle of too much work and not enough rest and play. I want to REST and PLAY!

I want to Slow. It. All. Down. I want to take my day as it comes rather than planning and angsting around everything.

I want to read.

I want to WRITE.

I’ve been feeling really frustrated with people who are talking about this social distancing period as if it’s a blessing from the universe – a reminder to slow down and connect with family. It’s a pandemic – not a speeding ticket. That said, I understand the impulse – for those of us who are blessed enough to make it through this time without (yet) significant financial or socioeconomic stress – to make the best of this time. To clean out our closets. To play with our kids. To wake up early and catch up on your blogging.

I’m hoping that this social distancing across our state and country slow the roll of this pandemic. I’m feeling grateful for the safety and security I am lucky to have at this moment. And I’m praying for people in need right now, and hoping to do everything I can to help those who need it.

sakura tree
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