Happy Anniversary Playful + Peaceful!

I started this blog exactly five years ago – on March 11, 2015.

That is BONKERS.

Here’s what was going on then: We were over a year into the adoption process, and I was going crazy dealing with the wait. I was desperate to be a mom and feeling hopeless, and there wasn’t a great outlet for me to express my feelings. There also wasn’t a great audience for my venting. I had a lot of great listeners in my life – my best friend and my sister were the best ones – but ultimately, there was little others could say that helped with the wait. It was just hard, and I just had to get through it. It was always going to be worth it, and it was always going to be difficult. The blog became a way for me to write about my experiences honestly and openly. It was my therapy and my self-care during an extremely complicated time.

Here’s what the theme was then: Balance. Back then, I wrote a lot about the different ways that I nourished my heart, mind, body, and soul. (That was the name of the blog then – I still enjoy writing about balance, but it’s not my main focus anymore.

And now? I’m still a clinical social worker by day and an aspiring novelist by night. I’m a mommy to a three-year-old and an eighteen-month-old, and I live in a surburb instead of on a huge wild organic vegetable farm. Things are different – and yet, the same. I have the same ups and downs. The same pattern of weeks of thriving followed by weeks when I struggle to maintain good self-care. I’ve continued on my writing journey, and I love it – but I don’t have a published novel on my shelves. YET.

So much more to come. It’s a crazy week, and this is a rambling post, but I’m still here – showing up and writing out my life, five years later. Happy anniversary to!  Cheers to five more years.

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