An Update On My Writing Life

For the fall of 2019, I made a conscious choice to take a break from writing fiction.

It’s January 2020 now, and I want that break to be over. For the first time in several months, I’ve been feeling like I have the energy, the creativity, and the bandwidth to dive back into the endeavor of fiction writing. I am excited. I am PUMPED.

I’m also not exactly sure where to start.

My daily morning routine is great but needs a little tweaking. I wake up at around 4, and I have to leave for work by 6:30 a.m. Usually the last 30 minutes of that time (or more) is devoted to hanging with my kids; they wake up at around 6 a.m. if I’m lucky, or at 5/5:30 a.m. if I’m not. In the best case scenario, I use around 30 to 45 minutes of that time for writing, but oftentimes it’s more like 15 or 20 minutes. That’s not really enough time to dive into a fiction project, so that writing time is usually centered on blogging.

For the past week or so, I’ve been scheduling pockets of time to devote to writing fiction – or rather, time to think and plan related to fiction writing. This time has mostly been centered around a writing course by Jennie Nash that I purchased over winter break. It’s called Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done, and I purchased it via the website Creative LiveThe course, so far, seems to be closely aligned with the Story Genius method, and I’m liking it a lot. Exploring the exercises Jennie Nash “assigns” is helping me to reacquaint myself with the novel I started writing last summer. I had forgotten so much of it, and because of that, I’d convinced myself that the novel was boring and should possibly be abandoned. But once I started to re-read some of the prep work I did last July, I realized that I am excited about it, and that this is definitely a project I can jump back into.

So, the tricky thing about fiction writing is that I need to schedule it intentionally; it’s not going to just happen in the little random half-hours of time I discover in the middle of a busy day. When I sit down to write fiction, I need to be READY. I need to have at least some idea of where I’m at with a project and what I want to tackle next. That’s not how it works for me with blogging; with blogging, I can just sit down and GO and produce something, even if it’s not perfect.

I am learning to find the time. I’m scheduling time to write during my post-bedtime routine or during weekend nap time. I plan to listen to Jennie Nash videos while I’m doing household tasks, like tidying or unpacking.

And I am PUMPED. Pumped to get some fiction writing done and to be ready to REALLY dig into it during my summer.

learn and love paint on soil surrounded grass
Photo by Mads Thomsen on Pexels.com

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