Merry Whatever

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am so grateful to be celebrating with my family.

This holiday season has been lovely. I’ve had so much fun getting things ready for the boys. Tamara and I don’t go too crazy with gifts, but the boys will each open a few presents on Christmas morning, and their stockings will be filled with tiny delights. We’ll eat cinnamon rolls tomorrow morning and curl up by the Christmas tree with books and coffee.

There’s so much more I want to cultivate for our family as the boys grow, and not everything happened as I’d like it to this year. I did not achieve my goal of pondering gift ideas throughout the year so that every gift I give is thoughtful and intentional. If I am giving a gift, I’d love to buy it secondhand when possible, but that requires forethought and that’s not my strength. I also did not incorporate service into this season the way I’d like to. I did a few small things for others – toy drives, adopting a family, donations – but I’d like to do much more next year, and I’d like to incorporate the boys.

For now, I’m so grateful for this Christmas, just as it is. Merry Whatever to you and yours.

green christmas tree with string lights
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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